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  1. HeathPickering

    Misfire in cylinder 4

    2001 K11 1.0 . Started the car after a walk to hear it idle in a way ive never heard. Threw up code P0304. Engine misfire in cylinder 4. Get home, and try swapping over the coilpack from cylinder 1 and 4. After doing so, the car is now giving me P0300, P0301 and P0304. Any ideas?
  2. HeathPickering

    Feeling sluggish after headlight replace

    Hi I replaced the headlight unit on my k11 2001 micra this evening, and once the new units were put in, I took it for a spin and it felt sluggish. To detail what I did, the headlights were removed, along with the battery, and the battery tray to access a bolt. These were all put back in, and I...
  3. HeathPickering

    Juddering and overheating

    Hey all New to cars here but not completely incompetent. I was driving my 2001 X reg micra (1.0 with 50k miles) and suddenly i don’t get any power through the throttle, and it pulses occasionally and pushes but no power, until it suddenly starts juddering violently for about 3 seconds before it...