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  1. Fordy

    march super turbo on ebay?

    anyone know anything about this car and why it keeps popping up on ebay teasing me to sell my track prep'd renault 5 turbo?
  2. Fordy

    Imp124's SUPER S!

    glad to see my baby is in one piece still who owns it now?
  3. Fordy

    March super turbo

    If anyone has or knows of anyone selling a decent march super turbo can you please let me know got bored of my 200sx and want to come back to the micra scene :grinning:
  4. Fordy

    nissan march superturbo 1989 ma09ert

    is this still forsale if so whee are you based very very interested
  5. Fordy

    K12 Starting issues continued

    freddie if you drop me a email on [email protected] i'll send you my phone number and i can talk you through the processes the only special tools you need is air compressor and blow gun the rest is just a standard tool chest set of tools :grinning:
  6. Fordy

    micra 2003 1.2 cambelt chain renewal

    should take less than a day without taking the engine out! i've done loads and can do them in my sleep lol dont even attempt to change it if you dont have a air compressor or you will knacker the variable pully on the inlet cam and it will never run right again
  7. Fordy

    K12 Starting issues continued

    if the crank sensor has lines scorn on it then new sensor and burn out the starter ring on the flywheel also if the tensioner piston is out more than 10mm then the chain it stretched wipe the rocker cover off and have a look at it
  8. Fordy

    Question regarding K12 timing chain problem

    i recently changed someones timing chain on their k12, and the parts come to £250 from nissan and i charged £250 to change it and had it done in a day ( ex nissan mechanic ), where as the local nissan dealers want £1300 to change them!
  9. Fordy

    Back again...

    change of plan due to not wanting to chop up a decent car so its forsale on pistonheads now :)
  10. Fordy

    Back again...

    well its been a long time since ive been on here after selling my red super s and moving onto 200sx land i never sold the white micra as i couldnt let go of it.... i just let my mum use it for a few months but she is moving on to something newer or a classic car..... which means the micra wont...
  11. Fordy

    K + N Filters

    didnt i leave the pipercross air filter in? if the foam is still ok just buy a cleaning kit from halfords and it'll be better than a k&n
  12. Fordy

    Boot falling down... :(

    try find a decent set in the scrappys :)
  13. Fordy

    Front driving lights (Yellow)

    there should be a reciept for lh and rh fog lights mate but they aint cheap think they like 60 quid each! but worth every penny imo
  14. Fordy

    general problems :P

    it wont be the flywheel, it'll be the starter motor :) even my white k10 micra does this sometimes when its hot its just the starter motor is a bit tired in its old age
  15. Fordy

    Fordy's super s

    it was resprayed to the paint code mate in a nissan bodyshop halfords paint never matched it for some reason any good paint seller will be able to match the paint to the car mate
  16. Fordy

    Abysmal Fuel Economy!

    yeah advanced it a little to make it a bit more nippy needs setting up on a rolling road to be 100% Ed is your man on this one :) when your doing the tappets, check the tighteness of the rocker arm bolts that hold it down before you do the tappets cause if they are loose the tappets will be...
  17. Fordy

    Abysmal Fuel Economy!

    ceirwan, when you disconnect the o2 sensor on the ecc k10's it makes them run rich constantly! if you have the exhaust that was on it before, then there is a place for the o2 sensor to go :) its the welded on o2 sensor boss near the gearbox mount bracket :) take out the 22mm short bung bolt...
  18. Fordy

    K10 Bike carbs.

  19. Fordy

    K10 Super S

    hmm i miss this car so much :down:
  20. Fordy

    Yellow driving lights

    only place you can get the yellow ones is from nissan as a complete unit i think... for about 60-70 each! ceirwan you have alot of invoices have a read through and you will find the one for it and that will give you the part number you need if you buy it from nissan out of interest which side...