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  1. Harlen

    Parts wanted

    About to list my 2-door 1.3 GX with lots of trick parts if you're interested in a full car?
  2. Harlen

    JAE 2021 Attendance List - Post here if you're coming!

    faith and i will be in attendance, i don't know why i'm even posting it in here because OF COURSE WE ARE faith will be in her Del Sol and I'll be in my Micra!
  3. Harlen

    [SOLD] K11 preface Janspeed 4-2-1 full exhaust, Nodspeed panhard, Almera airbox

    no rush dude. i dropped you a pm as well as theres a few bits you have i'd be quite interested in having. i think youve probably earned a beer or 6 after fighting with the car :LOL:
  4. Harlen

    [SOLD] K11 preface Janspeed 4-2-1 full exhaust, Nodspeed panhard, Almera airbox

    hey man could you pm me some pictures of the 421 and the full exhaust? very interested, i'm only based in sheffield as well so collection shouldnt be a problem. cheers
  5. Harlen

    1998 Nissan Micra SR K11 Weekend Warrior Track Car SHOW WINNER

    hi mate thanks for the interest unfortunately the car sold 7 years ago. it still haunts me to this day
  6. Harlen

    JAE was like a tornado - in a good way

    Only just logged in and seen all these - was absolutely bloody lovely seeing ya again Mik, a right nice surprise! Hope your wedding went brilliantly mate. Hopefully see you soon <3
  7. Harlen

    JAE 2018 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    I would love to join you all again in my Mx5. Faith had such a good time last year that she bought a k11 and would love to stick it on the stand as well. CHYABOYHARLEN - MX5 CHYAGIRLFAITH - K11
  8. Harlen

    JAE 2017 Stand List - Post here if you're attending!

    Bought my tickets today, I shall be there in the mx5 with you guys
  9. Harlen

    Harlen's White 1.3GX

    Hey dude only just saw this, I actually just flogged them, sorry! So the latest from me. Bought some pressed plates ready for when I finally get the kit on (I'm gonna attack it all tomorrow, I'm done with waiting for the weather to stop being ****) Bought a set of SR clocks from Joe...
  10. Harlen

    joesouthgate's latest Micra Super S!

    That's looking lovely so far dude!
  11. Harlen

    Harlen's White 1.3GX

    I've literally never used T-Cut in my entire life! I need a new cleaning kit anyway, I might invest in a new cloth and a bunch of other tasty stuff then
  12. Harlen

    Harlen's White 1.3GX

    Cheers for the replies everyone, Tom I might give that stuff a crack, we've got some cheap nasty T-Cut I'm gonna use first. If it looks **** I'll get on Amazon and order a bunch of proper stuff Found some Super S mudflaps on the body kit I bought (it included wings!), I didn't even realise...
  13. Harlen

    [SOLD] SR Speedo For Sale / Super S Spoiler

    £20 posted for the clocks? I'm actually clueless on what they go for, but would be a nice alternative to fitting an external rev counter like I was going to
  14. Harlen

    Harlen's White 1.3GX

    Hey everyone. I've got most of you guys on Facebook but thought I'd stick a thread up anyway as it's way better to keep track of everything I've done, and also to say hi again to the people I haven't got on there. Safe to say I'm back and this will be my big project for the next few years. I...
  15. Harlen

    Car prices in the near future (15-25 years)

    Totally agree on MX5s, the big problem is they're all be low and slowed or drifted, then scrapped. Clean standard ones are already reaching the 2K+ mark. Closer to home, I reckon the Super S and SR will be next. There are only about 300 left in the UK now because of the **** heads buying them...
  16. Harlen

    PROject PROfect

    I feel you on the knowledge part :( Wish I could begin thinking of attempting something like that!
  17. Harlen

    PROject PROfect

    This is all sounding a little familiar... GA16/SR20 time dude? ;)
  18. Harlen

    Wanted: K11 Super S or SR

    ive been looking at that one thinking of doing a rattle can job on it!
  19. Harlen

    Wanted: K11 Super S or SR

    Go on lad! Hope the job has kicked off well dude! When I've got a car I'll be hitting you up about that sweet tasty crack. And the misses is all good, she's beyond excited that I'm getting another Micra and is saving for one herself. I only started uni last month so 3 damn years!