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  1. Andy5077

    SR Drivers Seat

    Hi after a SR drivers seat can anyone help? B-)
  2. Andy5077

    Paint Code

    This is a shot in the dark but does anyone know the colour code for mettalic Lava Red this was offered on the 2nd facelift any info much appreciated? B-)
  3. Andy5077

    Exhaust Problems?

    My SR exhaust seems to be leaking water and smoking more then normal lately especially in cold weather! Even after the engine is warmed up but the exhaust smoke seems to stop after a few miles? First thought was the head gasket so I did the usual checks ie: coolant/water level that was normal...
  4. Andy5077

    Nissan UK K11 Accessories!

    Throughout the production run of the UK K11 Nissan did offer OEM factory upgrades/optional extras and actually produced a separate accessories brochure in 1998! Until 1998 "extras" was available on certain models and the only optional extra's was limited to alloy wheels etc! The 1998 accessories...
  5. Andy5077

    Cabrio Hard Top

    Apart from the on-going Project SR I have for a while been thinking about designing and producing a colour-coded hard top for my JDM FHK11 1.3i Cabriolet. Having in the past worked for a boat building company and having obtained the skill sets to manufacture boat hulls and moulds I don't foresee...
  6. Andy5077

    JDM Rear Light Clusters

    Hi I am after mint condition AK11 1st/2nd facelift rear light clusters for my Cab like these in the pic? B-)
  7. Andy5077

    SR Fog Lights

    Hi has anyone got SR fig lights for sale?
  8. Andy5077

    SR footlights

    Hi anyone got any 1996 SR fog lights for sale cash waiting here's a few pics davyboy mate! B-)
  9. Andy5077

    1st/2nd Facelift Headlight Protectors

    Hi I am after some headlight protectors for my Cabriolet can anyone help? Cheers Andy
  10. Andy5077

    Project SR

    A few months ago I decided I needed a new project since my 1997 FHK11 1.3i March Cabriolet is now in near mint condition and my 2002 (Nov) 1.4SE+ is only needing minor paint work touch ups! Earlier in the year I was offered a 1996 Gold 1.3i SR with disc brakes all round, ABS the engine and...
  11. Andy5077

    NCVT Oil Pressure Sensor!

    Where on the transmission is the oil pressure sensor and what does it look like any help or info will be much appreciated? :) Cheers Andy :D
  12. Andy5077

    1996 Gold 1.3i SR Drivers door

    Hi I am after a mettalic gold drivers side door!
  13. Andy5077

    Pre-Facelift Horn Relay Location

    After much searching and asking for help a fellow Micra enthusiast on the MSC Facebook page came to the rescue! I wanted to replace my 1996 SR faulty horn relay but just could not locate or identify it even the Bible the Haynes manual did not help! The relay is located with the interior light...
  14. Andy5077

    1996 SR Drivers Seat

    Hi I am after a drivers seat for my SR anyone got one for sale? :-) Cheers Andy B-)
  15. Andy5077

    Horn Relay!

    Hi I have mentioned this in another post but no replies, I need to know which is the horn relay in the drivers side fuse box of my 1996 SR I have tried to locate it by depressing the horn on the steering wheel and listening for the click of the relay but there is no noise so obviously the relay...
  16. Andy5077

    Pre- facelift horns

    Hi will 1st or 2nd facelift horns work on my 1996 SR and also where is the horn relay located and if it SI to the left of the drivers side fuse box which one is it. Any help will be greatly appreciated! Cheers Andy B-)
  17. Andy5077

    Oh dear I Have bought another Micra!

    Steffi Cab and Rouge 5 (2003 1.4i SE+) have a new sibling a metallic gold1996 1.3i SR, I just could not resist buying it especially when the seller accepted my very very cheeky offer lol! o_O The bodywork needs a bit of attention but she is mechanically sound and the interior is mint, she also...
  18. Andy5077

    The Dreaded Sunroof Design Fault!

    A few weeks ago I posted a thread asking for information on how to rectify this obvious design fault which delivers water into the drivers side sill! I did get help from fellow members which was much appreciated, i also remembered a thread how to do the mod. With the information gained I...
  19. Andy5077

    Remote Boot/Petrol Mechanism

    Hi I am after a push/pull remote boot and petrol flap cable release mechanism can anyone help? Cheers Andy B-)
  20. Andy5077

    Rear Sun Roof Drainage Pipe!

    Hi my next project is to rectify the worse design fault ever on the Micra! I have a 2003 1.4SE+ and want to re-route the rear drainage pipe that goes through the C pillar and drains into the sill! I am thinking of re- routing it through the rear wheel arch through a pre-drilled hole with a...