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    Random beeping noise

    A small annoyance has cropped up with my 1.4 k11 and I was hoping someone may be able to shed some light on it. When I insert the ignition key and turn it on, sometimes I get a quite loud number of 'bleeps' coming through the speakers, around 10 in total. Normally I wouldn't be too bothered and...
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    High Idle that resets after ignition off/on. CG10DE Pre FL 1994.

    Hi Drew. I had a similar issue on my 1.0 facelift (also obd 1), turned out the idle control valve on the front of the throttle body would stick open. Removed and cleaned it, problem went away.
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    Airbag light flashing - another fault light clearing possibility

    So after getting back in my k11 after jetwashing it there it was, a dreaded airbag flashing light on the dash. My initial thought was that maybe some water had got in the electrics, random I know but after checking under the bonnet it was bone dry. Drove the few miles home, still flashing, so...
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    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Nothing. Just sat out in the sun, glass of wine in hand, and admired my pride and joy.
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    Clutch cable setup

    I've found an old thread you commented on a few years back, regarding adding some packing to the cable. I shall give that a whirl in the morning. Thanks.
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    Clutch cable setup

    No, I don't think so, as it's a new one. By the time I've pushed the actuation lever fully rearwards there are only a few threads left, then when I back off the knurled adjuster it gives it a few more threads. I know this model should have quite a stiff pedal action compared to my previous 1.0...
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    Clutch cable setup

    Recently changed the clutch assembly in my 1.4 using an luk clutch kit. Old one out and new one in ok, ensured it was centred correctly and also changed the release bearing. When it came to attaching the cable I set it up as per the manual (actuating lever pushed fully rearwards and adjuster...
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    Anyone had a clutch changed recently?

    I'm currently mid-way through, so gearbox out and new clutch ready to go in. Not in any particular rush so have given myself a 4 day window. Whilst it's out have given that half of the engine bay a good clean and inspect, but the other half got jealous so I had to clean that up as well! Just got...
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    Anyone had a clutch changed recently?

    I've managed to source an luk clutch assembly, as you recommended, and will be undertaking the task as of Friday. Many thanks again for your advice.
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    New micra

    Welcome. Looks like a good choice you've made there, enjoy!
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    Anyone had a clutch changed recently?

    Thanks for all the input and advice chaps, I've managed to persuade a friend to allow me to use his garage for the task, so I'll be undertaking it myself when I acquire the parts.
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    Anyone had a clutch changed recently?

    Many thanks for your reply Tony. I'm very limited on suppliers due to my location, but will look into it. Thanks.
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    1.3 cutting out and showing check engine light

    Not sure on your flashing eml scenario but regarding your question on checking injectors, if you have access to a multimeter you can check the resistance. It should be approx 10 ohms upto 2000 model, or approx 15.5 ohms from 2000 onwards. Not sure where yours sits in that regard though. However...
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    Anyone had a clutch changed recently?

    As per the thread title, has anyone had their clutch changed recently? I would normally do so myself, but as I currently have neither garage nor anywhere suitable to do it I'll be taking it to another mechanic, unfortunately. Never had one done before by a garage so just for an idea of how long...
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    Clutch noises

    Not had a problem like that myself. Try and pin down where it's coming from and go from there, maybe have someone press the pedal and move your ear around the engine bay as they do it. Go for the simple things like lubrication first, it can make all the difference, before considering stripping...
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    Driveshaft oil seals

    As do I. Tapped in the relevant part numbers and everywhere so far showing out of stock. Will keep looking.
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    Driveshaft oil seals

    After trawling past posts filtering info have found relevant numbers, and also potential suppliers, however due to current events none available. Will wait it out ...
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    Driveshaft oil seals

    I will shortly be renewing the driveshafts on my '02 1.4. I've acquired the shafts and I'm happy undertaking the job, however it recommends also changing the driveshaft oil seals. I've no problem with that, my question is does anyone know where I might obtain the part number(s) or indeed the...
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    New Micra New Driver!

    With your mileage you shouldn't come across any of the known k11 weak points (there aren't many I hasten to add), but if you should the chaps and chapesses on here are an absolute font of knowledge.