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  1. Harlen

    Harlen's White 1.3GX

    Hey everyone. I've got most of you guys on Facebook but thought I'd stick a thread up anyway as it's way better to keep track of everything I've done, and also to say hi again to the people I haven't got on there. Safe to say I'm back and this will be my big project for the next few years. I...
  2. Harlen

    Wanted: K11 Super S or SR

    Alright, I'm after a prefacelift K11 Super S or SR, as close to Sheffield as possible really. £500-£600 at most. Low miles preferred, bla bla bla :)
  3. Harlen

    Harlen's Bandwagon-Mobile MK2 MX5

    Yo yo yo, figured I'd stick a thread up on here as I haven't done one anywhere else yet :D This is my new whip after 8 or so months of riding the bus after selling my (trophy winning ;) ) Micra. It's the standard-ish spec 1.8, 140hp with a few options including (ANOTHER) **** dash wood kit...
  4. Harlen

    1998 Nissan Micra SR K11 Weekend Warrior Track Car SHOW WINNER

    Officially up for sale Massively sad times. Despite all the persuasion at JAE this year, offers from friends and family to store it, I have to part with my K11 SR. I've owned it for almost 2 years now and it's undergone a big transformation in that time. Here's the usual details, before we...
  5. Harlen

    F/S: Variety of cool bits, performance, upgrade and stock!

    Item: Variety of cool bits, performance, upgrade and stock! Location: Milton Keynes Condition: Used Reason for selling: Clear Out Price: 00 Alright chaps having a clear out of all my Micra stuff I've got taking up space. Pictures will be coming tomorrow when I get to the stuff which is...
  6. Harlen

    Can someone confirm this'll fit my SR? Silly question, 99% sure it's the right one but just want to be sure before I buy it. My car's a '98 preface 1.3 SR
  7. Harlen


    I'll admit it. I ****ing love stickers. I always have stickers on any car I own. I just love rocking a few way out pieces of art on a car. It just flairs up different parts of the car, makes it a little crazy. I'm tearing all my old stickers off the euro-gone-track day Micra and whilst I was...
  8. Harlen

    Ever been confused about car setups, engines, all that jazz? Check this guy out

    I've been following this guy on YouTube for a few months now and he's absolutely brilliant. He basically explains in pretty good detail all manner of things to do with cars, from camber, toe, caster settings, to the way different engine parts work with each other, to forced induction... Yeah...
  9. Harlen

    Anyone got a centre decat pipe / stock centre cat?

    Alright chaps just after a cheap and cheerful centre decat pipe if anyone has one laying about Also if you've got a centre full cat laying about I'd be interested in that also to decat myself Cheers
  10. Harlen

    Is it worth it?

    Hi guys, I've got my Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold ready to go and I'm gagging to get it fitted, but I've been waiting until I can sort an exhaust system to go with it too. Funds are a bit tight at the moment and originally I wanted a full system like a Peter Lloyd to go with the exhaust, but I'm...
  11. Harlen

    F1 Season 2013

    So, Formula 1 is back on Friday for the Australian GP! I'm a massive F1 fan and thought I'd better get a cheeky thread going for a bit of discussion between MSCers. Here's a run down of the drivers and teams this year, straight from Wikipedia, so you don't have too. Eagle eyed readers will...
  12. Harlen

    Peter Lloyd / Exhaust System / Cool ass back box + decat

    Hi everyone, finally got a little bit of cash saved so I'm now looking for a new exhaust system to go alongside my Janspeed 4-2-1 manifold. I'm after anything really, as long as it decats the 2nd cat then it's happy days! Preference is the Peter Lloyd but I wouldn't mind one of the obscure...
  13. Harlen

    Show season prep - how on earth do you clean an engine bay?

    Slowly but surely doing a few bits and pieces to the engine on my car, so much so that I might even be able to have the bonnet up at this years events! The engine bay is pretty dirty though, I was just wondering what the best way to clean it would be?
  14. Harlen

    Anyone here tried making their own copper core ignition lead set?

    Hi everyone Heard that a proper 80mm~ copper core ignition set + good spark plugs is well worth doing - only issue is, a proper kit for the K11 is £80. Any of you guys had a go at swapping the standard leads for KV85 ones, or any for that matter? Is it relatively straight forward? What leads...
  15. Harlen

    Wanted: Performance Bits - Manifolds, Intakes, Cams, all that lovely stuff

    Hey guys. I'm half looking for a high comp engine and I've decided the Micra must stay. So now it's time to beef up the engine a little. Here's my wishlist: 4-2-1 manifold Decat pipe Induction kit or panel filter Mild cam kit (just want something that'll fit out the box - no messing with shims...
  16. Harlen

    WTD: High comp engine

    Hi all Getting a bit bored of the Micra, craving more power and my insurance aren't letting me do that. I'm on the verge of selling up and getting another MX5 but I really don't want it to end like that - the Micra's a great car, I've spent a lot of money making it perfect and I don't want to...
  17. Harlen

    Jalopnik Review the K13 Pretty interesting write up on the K13! Even more interesting that the chap's American and has never seen one before.
  18. Harlen

    Cheap grassroot track days

    Hey all After reading up about the Retro Rides gathering and going to JAE this year I decided it was time I got myself out to more events - and I thought it'd be even more fun to get my own car out on track. Retro Rides hillclimb circuit looked like such good value, same price as Santa Pod...
  19. Harlen

    Wanted: 4x100 13x7 wheels

    Hi everyone I'm finally shot of my Rotas and feeling something a little more interesting. I'm after anything in 4x100, 13x7 with a nice low offset (et6 seems to be the sweet spot). Superlites, Allycats and maybe Starmags but everything considered! Cash waiting, can't be seen on my odd...
  20. Harlen

    Can I get some 13x7 Et5/6 pics please?

    Afternoon everyone! My 15s are officially up for sale, I'm feeling the bug to go for the 13" slammed look (and also like the idea that it'll change my gear ratios a little) and I'm currently doing a bit of research about what fitment to go with. So far it looks like the general consensus is...