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  1. Jen319

    rear window demister problem

    it may be the light behind the button, not the actual fuse ^_^ I think that fuse is most likely to be among those by the steering wheel (as opposed to those under the bonnet) Does the demister still work? I really need to get one of those pen things off ebay/amazon to fix mine (the circuit...
  2. Jen319

    Anyone breaking a K12? Few small bits req.

    You may be able to get hold of these kind of parts from sellers/breakers on eBay ;)
  3. Jen319

    K12 Earth cable

    Glad you were able to sort it ;)
  4. Jen319

    Help!... Alloys?

    The "5j" is the width (rim dhape/lip) "14" means they're only 14" rims. Might look a bit small on your k12 ;) Edit, worth messaging the seller to double check the stud pattern (eg: 4×100 or 4×108?) And centre bore £100 for 5 with tyres ain't too bad
  5. Jen319

    Jen's K12 Sport+ Turbo

    I don't think so but my mum doesn't like hers so much. They're as fine at night as during the day, its just a fine mesh. you look through it normally and its fine, if you try too hard to see through it all you see is mesh... Does that make sense?
  6. Jen319

    Belly93 new daily

    Nice one, Congrats Belly ;)
  7. Jen319

    Jen's K12 Sport+ Turbo

    Thanks Chris ^_^ She's genuinely my pride and joy :p
  8. Jen319

    Microstar OC218 Oil Filter

    Looks like a product from this company. Searches bring them up a couple of times. ;) With regards to it being correct or incorrect for your car usually you can find a list of equivalent parts on...
  9. Jen319

    front bumper grill

    I have fogs fitted from factory on mine (Sport+) You turn the end of the stalk to on, the front fogs come on, twist it again the rear one comes on. They can come on with just the side lights on (you don't have to be dipped or full beam first) But won't turn on on their own. ...and always...
  10. Jen319

    Radio Code - Please Help

    You're welcome buddy ;)
  11. Jen319

    K12 Dash digital/clock display.

    Nice one ^_^ Looks like you could do with getting some fuel next :p
  12. Jen319

    front bumper grill

    Looks great, wasn't sure if it would make such a difference, breaking up the silver works really well. Nice job ;)
  13. Jen319

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Changed my oil and filter today...okay I supervised my dad whilst I washed mums k12 :p Also reset the service interval reminder, it has been flashing negative miles at me for several months ^_^ Edit: took me a while to remember how Turn ignition to "ON" Almost immediately press and hold the...
  14. Jen319

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    I think you may have voided the warranty on that dash cam :p I have a very basic one (claims HD ) it's not amazing but does the job, however both the cable for mine and mums have broken (but replaceable for about £2.50) and also the turning kn0b to tighten up the points of articulation in the...
  15. Jen319

    Help!... Alloys?

    Note alloys fit the k12, but tend to be more expensive <_< K12 oem (genuine Nissan) alloys come up very regularly on ebay on often for not a huge amount of money ;)
  16. Jen319

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Gotta love a bargain :p
  17. Jen319

    Chris' K12 E

    Lovely write up Chris Great to see all your progress together in your own blog thread at last ;)
  18. Jen319

    Key programming coding

    The only way I know of to program a new key to the nats system is either at a Nissan dealers or possibly through Timpsons car key service (there may be automotive locksmiths that can provide the service )
  19. Jen319

    Radio Code, Please help

    It just comes up as "RadioCode" when I start it up When I go into app manager there's no publisher/creator or anything helpful <_< Ive tried looking for it on play store but it doesn't seem to be on there anymore :( Edit: shucks you, although most of the paint is pants bar the rear bumper :D
  20. Jen319

    What next..?

    I've changed my headlamp bulb (h4) In the dark <_< You need small hands and very good spacial awareness :p