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  1. Ems

    Last parts for sale!!!!

    Hey peeps. As most of you know i now have a bike. I have already sold a lot of my stuff i bought for the car but i have now decided to sell the rest!! So!! I have......... 40mm Lowering Springs by Apex - Excellent condition, still coated in yellow. Whiteline Strutbrace - SOLD Impul...
  2. Ems

    Happy Birthday Arnold :)

    Happy Birthday babe, hope you have a great day :D xxxxxxx
  3. Ems

    Elderly driver dies in head on smash, wrong way up the M1. What a shame. :( I have sympathy for his family. Still, it's another of those elderly stories.
  4. Ems

    My new toy!!!!

    Hello everyone :) As some of you know, i'm mad about bikes. So, heres my newest arrival :D Alans not too happy, but he's got a new toy coming soon too, as you all know!!! Err, this means i will be posting stuff up in the buy and sell section soon!! :blush:
  5. Ems

    15" Wolfrace alloys for sale

    Excellent condition. No curbing and great tyres (only 6 months old). These are the ones on my car atm, and i'm looking for £250, no less. Now for pics (just need to find one!!).......
  6. Ems

    Interesting Ebay Items I've seen this person breaking on e-bay for a while, and while most of his stuff seem's ok, this is mad!! How on earth he has managed to sell this bent ariel (k10) for £4...
  7. Ems

    k11 goodies

    Allo people. I'm selling these on behalf of a mate so be nice with your awkward questions :p Right, we have; Full Super S trim, front and back seats which are a 60/40 split. mint! £60, oh and this is pick up only (middlesbrough), for obv reasons. Full Cat Back System, i'll try and find...
  8. Ems

    Wanted - Impul Front Bumper

    Anyone know where i can get this from new? Possibly after a full kit, but definately the front bumper. I know i missed one on here a few weeks back :(
  9. Ems


    Someone grab a bargain :D
  10. Ems

    Nice Micra

    Check out this JAE link i've stumbled accross!! Lovin the blue k11 :)
  11. Ems

    Road Markings!

    Ok, i have increasingly noticed that my car act's like a bike on road markings. It slipped quite badly this morning when passing a cyclist and put me off line for a few seconds. Is this normal?, is do i have poop tyres? Arnold will probably tell u they are some weird unrecognisable make!!! Can't...
  12. Ems

    Just found this site!

    Just found this site which does bodykits for all models!! Hope it's of use to someone!
  13. Ems

    Happy Birthday Arnold!

    Happy Birthday babe :D x
  14. Ems

    Roof rack covers?

    Well as some of you know, i washed my car yesterday! I noticed that the roof rack black strips were somewhat loose, well, basicly not watertight, and appear to b holding little water. Obviously i am worried now as water's dangerous lol. Is there anything i can do or put under the black stuff to...
  15. Ems

    My new car :D

    Couple of pics of my new k11!!! Will take some more later when I have time :D Quick Desc; Inspiration 1.3 just under 45,000 miles Sportex back box Spoiler Colour coded handles and bump strips K&N 57i A/C power steering Alloys and new tyres (dunno what tho!!) central locking and...
  16. Ems

    Micra Man!!!

    Well i couldn't help noticing that this company's logo, that's selling these mats, is a photoshop of a Golf GTi like Dan's!!! Do u think he stole it!!! :p
  17. Ems

    My k10 & Parts up for sale!!!

    Hello people, Well i have bought a rather tasty yellow k11 so my K10 which has been in the family since new, is up for sale! Im selling the car complete as it is, but have a few parts available too. Anyone interested? See the list below Datsun Micra - £350 - AVAILABLE TO BUY! Datsun 1.2...
  18. Ems

    Nex's car on e-bay!!! LOL Well it looks like it anyway!!!!!! :D
  19. Ems

    Ed spotted!!

    Ed was spotted recently at The World Snooker Championships!! He appears to be doin well!! No sign of the Micra tho!!! tut tut :p Old pic below!!,hendry.jpg
  20. Ems

    Whats this country coming to?!! :s

    Well, updates r they have found the two missing prostitutes, dead. Five in all now. Another murder in Henley. And to top it off, a bloke was found dead in a field 5 mins from where i live in Botley, Oxford, today. :s Do u think we'll b allowed to carry guns round soon for our own protection?!!