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  1. Bobbina

    Boot sticker on K11 soft stop.

    Hi all. I have realised that a decal on my boot has been removed. It was an outline of a Micra and I think it had 'March' in it. I am quite upset it's been taken, TBH, and there was no way it would have fallen off. Does anyone know if I can get these printed? Sadly, I don't think I have any...
  2. Bobbina

    Found excellent suppliers and fitters of K11 hoods.

    Hi all. If you are in Ireland, try Danny at Car Hoods Ireland. He has a supplier who makes these to order. He's a really friendly, helpful chap. He gave me some great advice for a supplier in England, which is Car Hoods Northern...
  3. Bobbina

    Tech / Mechanics Auto electricians. Anti- hijack mechanism faulty.

    Hi. My 1997 K11 Cabriolet had the anti-hijack facility and an after-market alarm fitted with RCL. The RCL was intermittent and annoying and I have just had the solenoid changed. The RCL works great but now the anti-hijack mechanism isn't working properly. The anti-hijack button is on the arm...
  4. Bobbina

    1997 Micra March Cabriolet: need driver's side ABS sensor.

    Hi. As above really. My ABS light is constantly on and a diagnostic reported that it was a fault with the driver's side ABS sensor. I want to keep the costs down so am happy to have a 2nd hand part. I've tried e-bay and some breakers yards and was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere I can get...
  5. Bobbina

    K11 cabriolet: Driver's side quarterlight window motor not working

    Hi all. I have a query and was wondering if there are any cabriolet technical experts on here that can help? If so, my query is as the thread title, above. I have bought this car. Does anyone know where I can get a motor for the...