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    New kid on the block.
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    March turbo and st question

    Ok fellas I have a few questions,the are a group of guy down here that are installing Ma09 and Ma10 turbo engines in their cars.Now I have posted a couple question and been advised accordingly saving me time and money.Many thank to Ed,Baz,Frank,gtnissanb oranje,and all the other person who may...
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    Forged Pistons

    Are these available for the Turbo and ST,forgive me if this was discussed in a previous thread,if it was please redirect me to the link.
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    MA09 0n MA10 turbo

    Just got my hands on the cylinder head from a ST, was wondering if I can use it on the Turbo, and if there will be any gains or loss in performance, not sure if it was discussed in an earlier post somewhere.Would appreciate some advice or a link on it.
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    K1O turbo stuff

    Hey I am a new member to the site,I live in Trinidad and Turbo, we have a fair access to K10 parts here, and turbo and st parts,I just last week went into a scrap yard and got a spare harness and intake manifold lying around for my MA10ET for a good price so depending on what you need let me...