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  1. mas12555

    March EK10 turbo

    Took delivery of a genuine March turbo on Saturday. Lovely car and bloody quick! Its the type 1 with 85PS. Although it has a bigger turbo, fuel regulator and running at 1bar of boost which seems way too high for my liking. I know figaros run at 0.48 bar and get 75ps so my guess this 85ps just...
  2. mas12555

    Anyone get hold of tom_89 ?

    Hey guys and gals can anyone get hold of tom_89 and tell him I need to contacted hm asap as I bought some pulsar brakes from him about two weeks back and he hasnt spoken to me in about a week. Getting very worried. I do trust him as i bought my nismo wheels from him but I just want my brakes...
  3. mas12555

    [SOLD] FREE! March G# interior

    Right I have had enough of time wasters and people not meeting their promises. I need room for my build badly so I will give away my march g# interior on one condition you take away everything with you thats plastics, doorcards, seats, steering wheel, seatbelts etc. Note carpets, headliner and...
  4. mas12555

    Complete March g#/A# interior for sale

    Got a complete march g#/a# interior for sale Only £50 collected. Only thing which I wont include is dash board, carpets, gearknob and gearstick surround (its broken) Includes stuff like seats, rear seats, rear cards, door cards, speacker pacel shelf but missing speakers, seat belts, steering...
  5. mas12555

    Mint 92 LS Micra For Sale

    I am selling this on behalf of my friend. The car has only done 38,000 miles and it is spotless underneath and outside. No lacquer peel or fading. Would make a perfect project or run about. Car has plenty of service history as well. Great example of a k10. Car is a one litre manuel post...
  6. mas12555

    What size thread?

    Does anyone know what size thread the seltbelt/seat points are so I can get some eyes to mount my harnesses. Would you know @frank mate Thank you :).
  7. mas12555

    Ultra racing K11 chassis stiffening.

    Found out ultra racing do loads of kit for the Z11 cube which is based on the K11 Micra/March so my guess the ultra racing cube stuff should fit K11s?
  8. mas12555

    March g# turbo build.

    Got a march g# for near to nothing with an average shell. Since its so cheap the k10 super s will be my daily. I am collecting the March this saturday. Plan so far is td04 with nistune. The K10 The march abit tatty will just plasti dip it matt black. Sent from my GT-P5110 using Tapatalk 2
  9. mas12555

    Which paint do I use?

    Hey there got my weller wheels. Got 5 of the things in white and I want to refurbish them before tyres goes on. Just have to take out slight curbing which is easy enough. I was just wondering what is the best sort of paint (rattlecan). I would normally just use halfords but I dont want to...
  10. mas12555

    Restored super s for sale.
  11. mas12555

    Restored super s for sale.

    Selling my K10 super s. Was restored in 2011. The car is flawless. I am selling this as I want to get into the toyota scene. Comes with alloys in picture, clifford alarm, powerflow stainless steel exhaust, 4-2-1 manifold. has a very good service history, has song front speakers, jbl gx9s. Comes...
  12. mas12555

    F/S: starmags with tyres.

    Item: starmags with tyres. Location: Reading Condition: Very good just very minor kurbing on two wheels. Reason for selling: Getting weller wheels Price: £200 or near offer.
  13. mas12555

    14" bbs wheels

    Selling some 14" bbs wheels with centre cap and tool and with 185/50/14 tyres. Slight curbing on one of the wheels. One of the wheels has a very slight buckle, a garage quoted me £30 to fix it and the tyre on it has an unrepairable leak but i got a spare tyre which will come with the wheels...
  14. mas12555

    Found a super turbo for sale! Just thought I would be a dork and try to find one. Found this one and it was only posted up on the site about an hour ago.
  15. mas12555

    A new begining. Bike carbed Super S.

    Right as some of you may know I have a red super s lowering on coilovers with BBS wheels. The car sadly last week has died a sad death (MASSIVE gearbox failure). So I have bought shafs Super S. I can tell you now it is mint! I plan to put my bikes carbs onto it, bbs wheels and the coilovers...
  16. mas12555

    Mint Micra K10 Super S 1993 Only real bad thing is that the clutch release bearing has gone.
  17. mas12555

    Help please.

    Hey there, I am going to be putting twin webers on a K10 1.2 Super S which has ECC but officially the webers dont need any of the ECC stuff. Apparently I will get running problems when I fit the carbs but then I have seen Ed say that it will be perfectly fine in some threads. I am talking about...
  18. mas12555

    F/S: Lots of K10 upgrades.

    Item: Lots of K10 upgrades. Location: Reading Condition: Good Reason for selling: Price: 0 I have many items for sale. . H&R lowering springs for K10 £70 posted £55 collected KYB gas shocks all four with extended bump stops, £100 posted and £80 collected. They are all in good condition except...
  19. mas12555

    K10 Splitters.

    Right guys and gals. I spent alot of research, measuring up to try to find the perfect splitter for the Super S's and Super Turbo's. I went down to my local scrappy and got a splitter for a Renault Scenic, it only cost me £5. Small picture for reference. I know you can get theses for about £15...
  20. mas12555

    K10 horn not working.

    Hey guys n gals, my car is due for its MOT in a few days and I have just noticed my horn doesn't work. I have tried to find the relays for it but failed, anyone know where it is? Also does anyone know which plug the wires go into in the drivers footwell as I also think a wire has come loose...