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    K12 shorted alternator now locked out Help!

    whilst changing the alternator shorted the top electrical connection against the air con pipe now locking does not work and cant find a fuse thats blown i am locked out of the car and nothing works help !
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    K12 multiple cylinder missfire

    Hi My daughters micra has been stood for about a year i have just started looking at it re getting it back on the road and i have an issue i would like to put out to the collective The car starts well ticks over nicely and drives very well, for about a mile and a half, then a missfire starts...
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    New engine K12 Micra

    My daughter has an 03 K12 Petrol micra with terminal engine issues plus 120k on the clock so i opted for a 2nd hand engine from an internet supplier, now the engine is supposed to be low milage ( arnt they all ) and looks the part however having got the old engine and gearbox out of the car and...
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    K12 Loose dipstick tube

    Having just replaced the rotted sump and the knackered bottom arms and the misbehaving boot lock and the loose exhaust shields and the broken heater fan module, I now find that the dipstick tube on my daughters 03 k12 has come loose. I have looked but its hidden behind all sorts of things down...
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    saga of the dreaded K12 Boot lock.

    Hi all not posted here before but I am asking advice about my daughters K12 micra with the "i****nt" locking system, the boot has locked shut. I have stripped the micro switches out of the handle and tested them they both make contact when pressed so Im assuming they are Ok just to check went...