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    Figaro Inspiration

    I was at a car show a few month back with my Nissan Pao and was parked next to a Figaro, in conversation with the owner, learned that the design is loosely based on the early 1950's Gutbrod Superior, (I must agree having Googled images of one that there is a striking resemblance). If this is the...
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    My 1990 Nissan Pao

    My K10 based Pao needs an aircon unit, (it has been removed by a previous owner), does anyone have one in the UK ? also, I could do with a Hazard light switch...
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    My Nissan Pao (K10 Based)

    As most will know my Pao is a K10 under the skin, but it has extras the Micra did'nt have, does anyone have a working aircon unit (Which has been removed by a previous owner) ? or does anyone know of one that will go straight in, also I could do with a hazard light switch....