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  1. Craig

    Engine rebuild parts

    Over the winter I'm going to start putting together a high comp engine - presume I'll be needing new rings, bearings etc. Before I trawl google for suppliers, anyone had good experience with any? Would be good to know, other than Matt Humphris, what options are out there? Craig
  2. Craig

    Car won't start - off petrol?

    Car's been sat for a few years, tried to start it at the weekend, no dice. I have (weak) spark at the plugs and the pump appears to be pressuring the rail but it cranks without even trying to cough into life. Had a small leak from the pressure regulator (which sorted itself out) but the petrol...
  3. Craig

    F/S: 1997 shape breaking

    Item: 1997 shape breaking Location: Watford Condition: used Reason for selling: parts car Price: £1,000,000 As the title - breaking a P reg pre-facelift. 1l. No body panels left, no gearbox, all interior bits in good nick. If you want anything gimme a shout - no part too small! Ta
  4. Craig

    Separating engine and gearbox

    Whilst they are still in the car. Had a day stripping a car down on saturday, finished trying to get the box out and called it a dayt. Got all of the bolts undone, both gearbox mounts off but they box is only separated at the front, is there a trick to this or do I need to get a big crowbar in...
  5. Craig

    F/S: K11 Super S fogs

    Item: K11 Super S fogs Location: Watford Condition: Decent Reason for selling: Price: £20 each As the title, I don't need these anymore, if you have then they are a nice spare set - cost new from Nissan (if you can get them) is likely to be eye-watering. Worked when they were removed...
  6. Craig

    F/S: Ashtray - K11

    Item: Ashtray - K11 Location: Watford Condition: As new Reason for selling: Smoking is naughty Price: £10 Ashtray for back seat passengers from a Super S, *should* fit into the standard blanking plate. Dosn't look (or smell!) like it has ever been used. Sticker says it is from 1992, looks...
  7. Craig

    F/S: K11 super S steering wheel

    Item: K11 super S steering wheel Location: Watford Condition: Decent Reason for selling: Price: £10 Having a bit of a clear out so this needs to go, is the 3 spoke one which I think is nicer than the standard 2-spoker on the early models. No airbag. Will post at cost. Conditions is...
  8. Craig

    Indicator working intermittently

    Not sure if anyone else has had this problem, on my mum's k12 the left rear indictor doesn't always work, I've managed to bodge it by cable tying the wires to the rear cluster together, which seems to keep the connection. Anyone else had this problem? If so, is it a case of replacing the...
  9. Craig

    Front panel replacement

    Right-o, I'm about to replace the rotten front member on my k11, had a look about and there isn't much in the way of guides so, anyone got any tips/advice from when they did theirs? Ta
  10. Craig

    Car won't start/turn over

    2000 1l manual Alright chaps, any of the old skool still about? After football the other week, turned the key in the ignition to go home, nothing. Tried to jump it, same problem so it must be something to do with the starter. It seems to catch for one second, but then the electric power cuts...
  11. Craig

    eBay hydrogen fuel cell Thoughts...
  12. Craig

    Rockford 800 amp & infinity kappa 12"

    Amp screwed to the back of the sub enclosure, I'll split if people want different things, this amp is a real beaut - the guy I got it off was running 2x15" subs off it. Offers? Craig
  13. Craig


    Off a corolla GTi, the lenght is perfect, but there is a small gap at the back where the toyota flares out and the Micra doesn't. Offers please :)
  14. Craig

    Wiring super S cluster K11

    I know that a couple of people have done this before (Pete...) I have (I think) a 1l loon, but the above dials. The rev counter, fuel, temp gauges do not work. Do people know which wires I need to swap tp get this all to work properly. For starters, which plug do I need to send the tacho feed...
  15. Craig

    Turbo K11 for sale

    Sadly on yahoo japan, but currently no bids @ roughly £800 and with a very impressive spec indeed... Craig
  16. Craig

    Insurance group?

    Looking into changing my car, basically does anyone know what insurance group these are in - or have any idea of another car which costs a similar amount to insure? Cheers Craig
  17. Craig

    Door card size?

    Hi, bit of a random one, could anyone please tell me the size of the door cards on 3 door K11, preferbly tonight? Thanks 1,000,000 :) Craig
  18. Craig

    Pease pottage meet - 14th March 2009

    I know a couple are up for this, so let's make it happen - say sometime mid-march? Saturday is best for me. Who's in?
  19. Craig

    Clear side repeaters

    Somebody must want these - £6 delivered.
  20. Craig

    K11 interior bits - free!!

    I'm having a big clearout of my garage and have found a box full of lots of K11 interior bits, they're going to go down the tip this weekend, so if you want anyhting please ask - I also have the rear ashtray if anyone in interested? Thanks Craig