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    Nissan Tiida help.

    Asking you guys on the long shot here as im not even sure if you have the Tiida in the UK. this should be soo easy, but how in Gods name do you get the alternator belt off? the alternator doesnt pivot, and the pulleys are so close to the shock tower/ arch you can barely get a spanner down. its...
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    My new wheels. (pic heavy)

    righteo i've been changing cars more than my socks recently. from my k12 (sold) to my mg zr (sold) to mums zr (while i looked for a car) to a corolla which dies and the dealer gave me my money back to a jdm import toyota vitz. though you guys might like a look see :D its a 2001 toyota vitz RS...
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    How good are you at car shopping? ;)

    as you guys may or may not know, my micra has been up for sale privately for the last 6 weeks-ish, ive reduced the price week on week and there are simply no takers. So tomorrow im going to hit the garages with a view to trading in. I dont really know what i want so basically i was going to show...
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    what would you rather do with your €200? i feel sick at the thought someone thinks thats a reasonable price.
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    Urgent help needed urgently lol

    Rirteo chums as many of you know i had a problem starting my micra lately in that it wouldnt start at all lol. anyway i traced this back to the ignition switch at the back of the barrel being worn. i read on a site (i forget which) from google which said that there was a recall on early...
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    K12 Ignition Barrel

    My 2004 k12 is suffering from the usual ignition barrel being worn and finding it hard to turn the key far enough to start it. basically im just wondering is there a part of the barrel i can replace from a scrappy car that will suit mine, or is it a custom piece on every car seeing as its to...
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    beware or ultra rubbish product!

    worst €14.99 of my life! its back to good old auto glym high definition wax after that, i'l never doubht it again... the turtle wax finish is average at best, sticky to rub on and an all our ordeal to get off even with a big microfiber cloth, its just awful, dont use it! heres the pics of the...
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    Computer problem, help please :(

    according to my computer my c:drive was getting dangerously full and i reckon the computer knows itself better than i do, so i downloaded a c:drive cleaner from google, did a smashing job, it deleted bloody everything :( all my emails my contacts my music my pictures my c.v. all my details...
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    Sweet sweet sweet SWEET justice

    was driving home from my girlyfriends house in the ZR tonight lol it was absolutley bucketing down rain going down a bit of 60mph single carridgeway with a right hand curve in it with a continuous white line, i was coming right up onto the corner when i looked into my rear view mirror and i...
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    Changed my front pads but got a problem

    my old pads were down to the steel and beginning to grind and its not like me to neglect the micra but funds only allowed this week to get new pads lol :P anyhow this is the first set of pads ive put on the micra (got nearly 40k out of em :D:D) the pedal was always nice and firm, if not a...
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    March Convertible

    Just wondering are these reasonably common or a bit of a rarity? was at my local scrappy getting some parts for a nixer yesterday morning and seen they have a 1999 march convertible, silver with a 'browny' roof, not taxed or tested but just looked like it wanted some t.l.c. usually they...
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    Bloody N.C.T.

    I rang the N.C.T. center in town today to book my car in, i thought a week or two maximum, maximum, MAXIMUM! my current test is out on the 23rd of this month and the tax is out at the end of the month two... bearing in mind i could get 5 points on my license without driving without either of...
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    Mileage pics

    these were from middle of last year... they were on the laptop and thought id see if anyone else shares this obsession? post your pics below if your as sad as me :D
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    well here we go chaps :D girlfriends daddy was clearing out his garage, seen these in the skip, 4 of em with fairly new tyres... (stole this pic from google images, get up pics of the actual ones when i was em later, or maybe tomorrow) i will probably need a pic with the centre cap off for...
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    Slippery golden brown goodnes

    OIL CHANGE Doing the N.C.T. Next week, and due an oil change shorty anyhow so i'm going to look after it tomorrow. Car has a hefty mileage, well clear of 100k on a 2004 K12 1.0 Usually change it with 5w30 magnetec around every 7-8000 miles, i like this oil seeing as its a bit thin its better...
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    Yet another ebay scam?
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    What would you do?

    3 facts need to be stated first : 1) I am as broke as a bag of lego now im unemployed 2) I am truly, madly, deeply in love with my Micra 3) The Micra seems a bit of an old folks car sometimes as mines standard and the missus hates it Anyhow, a friend in the trade offered me a 98 Starlet...
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    Just when you thought nothing could beat a plunger!

    Just need a hairdryer and a can of air :D I'd imagine this works with dents that have a slight wrinkle in them too?
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    I've got a dilly of a pickle!

    OK, OK.... offered a job in a Ford/Jag dealer today as a parts apprentice... Apprenticeship rates 190 euro a week. The job is an 80 mile round trip 6 days a week, estimate going to cost 70-80 euro a week in fuel to get there... my current finance on the car is 50 euro a week... lets say...
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    Does anyone know anything about Mercs?

    The parents 2006 C180 Komp. S.R.S. Light on This happened before, took it to dealer, said it was the pressure sensor in the passenger seat or something lke that? but anyway they turned the light off and said the fault most likely wouldnt come back... Thats fine they say Light stays off for 2...