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  1. fabster

    best lowering springs

    Hi Guys ,i know there are a quite a few choices out there for 35mm lowering springs . I am after a firm but supple ride. What can you suggest ? I have got kyb oil filled shocks ready to go , i just need the right springs. Collies are not really for me. Thanks.
  2. fabster

    15x7s on pao.

    I thought you guys may find this of intrest. Gotti 15 x7 alloys ET 25,centrebore machined out to size,trial fitted to Pao. The rears fitted fine but the front poked out by 35mm.
  3. fabster

    k10 auto. radiator needed.

    Hi Guys ,as above . My local factors don't list one. Any ideas where i can get a new one from. Thanks
  4. fabster

    front springs

    Hi Guys, does anyone know if there are any standard height stiffer front springs available as the standard ones are a bit soft.
  5. fabster

    wider wheels

    Hi Guys, has anyone fitted aftermarket wider wheels on their Pao? I have checked a few k10 threads, but i am not sure they have the same clearance. Wheel size , et ,and tyre size would be a great help if anyone knows.
  6. fabster

    Wobbly needle

    Needles wobble,but they don't fall down.......... its a british thing ☺
  7. fabster

    Flump - For Sale

    I have seen this car, and if i was looking to buy one of the best examples in the country i would be buying this one. Great paint, very well maintained with an engine upgrade makes this Pao a good choice. Good luck with the sale Mr wylie.
  8. fabster

    heater controls

    Thanks feeenix ,i am glad the weldings finished. You are right ,pratice is the key,also prep your metal really well and keep your joints tight.
  9. fabster

    heater controls

    Hi Guys, after a busy few months i have started to work on the Pao again. Whilst operating the heater controls i noticed with the heater on "hot" and sliding the knob to feet and defrost it was toasty warm but on the face setting it was cold. Now i had this on one of my other cars years ago and...
  10. fabster

    1989 nissan pao

    Countrys national speed limit.
  11. fabster

    Hello :)

    Hi Ni Ni ,and welcolme to the club. The handbrake lever has a micro switch at the base of the handle, this can be the problem sometimes. If you push down hard on the realeased handbrake lever does the light go out ? If it does the micro switch needs adjustment. Hope this helps.
  12. fabster

    Pao Windscreen

    Hi can you post a pic of the flat windscreen fitted please
  13. fabster

    Speedometer removal

    Did you unclip the speedo cable from the firewall so you can pull the speedo from the dash. I had the same head scratch moment too.
  14. fabster

    is heater same as k10?

    Ha ha with difficulty:-)
  15. fabster

    is heater same as k10?

    Thankyou azzydot for the photos but its not the same heater. The K10 heater matrix is thinner and wider aswell so unless my radiator guy can fix it I shall modify the heater case to fit the k10 matrix as I can't find a pao one anywhere. The dash came out in a very compact unit with all the...
  16. fabster

    is heater same as k10?

    Hi guys ,can someone tell me if the pao heater assembly is the same as a micra k10. Mine went on me tonight. Is it a dash out job? Thanks.
  17. fabster


    Thanks Kathryn, i may be able to fix mine, if not i will look into the winner racing one.
  18. fabster

    Bristol blues...Pao parts

    I really like your attitude,what was the outcome of your engine problems you had a while back. Did you ever get some rear belts fitted for your new addition to the family?. There is a guy on the pao fb page that has some parts ,mind you he is in Canada. Good luck.
  19. fabster

    Power Steering Rack

    Hi Dan , as a garage here in Bournemouth we give them to Andrew page ltd motor factors (camberlys) and they send them away to be reconditioned. Hope this helps
  20. fabster

    The new guy

    Hi Dan,its good to hear from you again. It is great to know you are back on the road again reunited with your pampered Pao. I have completed all the mechanical and structural work on my car now. The bodywork will be done after the mot ,which hopefully will be done next week. My last little job...