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  1. Revmau5

    Throttle body bolts

    Anyone know the size of the studs which hold the throttle body to the manifold? M8/M10 Allens? I'm In work and plan to borrow a few countersunk ones for my SR20 adapter! :D Help appreciated!
  2. Revmau5

    Retrofit Fuel Cap

    How hard is it to de-install and re install the fuel cap popper from one car to another?
  3. Revmau5


    What injectors are a straight swap into the CG13 manifold?...and what are the best for an N/A route wagon like mine?
  4. Revmau5


    I read a post somewhere any of the Almera calipers fit. Is that the case? Or...
  5. Revmau5

    Wheel alignment

    So my car too low do a wheel alignment. Cool points please. On the other side of the coil that doesn't at all help me with the actual wheel alignment. My main issue I think is to toe where with one wheel straight the other when looking down on it would stick out towards the door and turn in...
  6. Revmau5

    short shift

    On this app when I search it always seems to say the app stops working...odd. Anyway...does anyone have the guide handy for the DIY short shift?
  7. Revmau5


    Has anyone ever fitted superlites? Mine are 7 inch wide I think with a 175/50/13 tyre but don't. They obviously poke out, doesn't concern me...its the bounce in the back...If I go any higher it just leaves abnormal wheel gap, matiz setup in the front is firm enough to cope. Anyone tried it or...
  8. Revmau5

    WANTED: Cluster

    Why can't I find a buy and sell section?! Want a gauge cluster with rev counter. Anyone have one?!
  9. Revmau5

    Squeaks and wobbles...

    Only so much I can take of this. I have an intermittent steering wobble. Had the car in the air, don't feel much play in the wheel mind you...wasn't sure if it was a bearing or not? It's not conditional, it happens for a bit and stops, generally only in a straight line. Could it be brake...
  10. Revmau5

    The K11 Nation!

    Thought this would be bit of fun! Where are you!? Reply with your home postcode, just the first 4 should be enough to keep it fairly private haha. I'll delete and update locations on one pic at the end of the thread...If it works!!
  11. Revmau5


    What are you all getting MPG wise? I'm getting about 50-55 miles out of £10 @ 136p/L!! Changed the plugs to new NGK ones...haven't done much else. Straight through exhaust with primary cat still in. Any ideas what I could do to improve things? It hasnt changed regardless of mods it was like...
  12. Revmau5


    Anyone idea where I can source one of these centre caps?
  13. Revmau5

    Help!!! Panhard Rod

    Quick one while I'm at the garage...what amount of adjustment should I leave for my panhard rod I'm making!? 80/100mm?
  14. Revmau5

    Detailing Bloo.

    So i figured i'd start a detailing blog. I think a lot of people are nervous about this sort of thing, and a lot of people are comfortable at different levels of it. I've not trained in this, just read advice, practiced...and learned by mistakes. If you're not sure, ask me and i'll help if i...
  15. Revmau5

    Northern Irish Micra's?

    Random i suppose as any... Any Micra owners in NI? Just being a curious one haha. I'm not sure if we've any groups on here or whatever but it would be interesting to find out who's around! Get in touch! *Awaits tumbleweed*
  16. Revmau5

    Rear Speakers

    I have a parcel shelf with factory speakers installed, don't see any loom for this though, or the connecting block. I can run these up but are they already here somewhere tucked out of the way as most things seem to be across the specs!?
  17. Revmau5

    Horn? do I to get this horn to work? Used a button previously but I wouldn't mind putting the horn button back in the steering wheel!? Need some kind of connection to the brass disc from the power source in the loom..any ideas?
  18. Revmau5

    Cigarette Lighter

    My poverty spec micra didn't come with a Cigarette light...wouldn't mind one for electrical gadgetry. Anyone done an install? Where's the nearest fused positive?
  19. Revmau5

    Throttle Body

    When I hit search on my phone app this thing crashes so apologies if this is regularly asked! Any advantages of using. CG15 or a CG18 throttle body on the K11?Just curious...I see a few spares round my local scrapyard..
  20. Revmau5

    Quick one...

    On my way to pick up another micra. (That time again) How do I tell the difference between a CG10 and a CG13? Only ever had a CG10! Anything to look out for that's not the usual rust spots, cross member etc etc?