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  1. stonesie

    K10 Super S dials For Sale.... pre ebay

    Now on Ebay I forgot the link:doh: It's starting at a fiver and no reserve so grab that bargin:wasntme:
  2. stonesie

    Drove Home In This...

    maby its head gaskets going?
  3. stonesie

    K10 Super S dials For Sale.... pre ebay

    :blush: sorry about that, i should really read through things before i post :laugh:
  4. stonesie

    K10 Super S dials For Sale.... pre ebay

    Dunno what to say about it other than i have never fitted it to my car and the cars now been stolen and written off... it reads 77800 miles and all the copper tracks in the back are intact, all bulbs work too..... I payed £35 + postage so thats what i am after note the small crack...
  5. stonesie

    setting timing with a strobe on a k10

    For it to be that far out of spec i would think that the engine is not timed up correctly, check it using the timeing marks in haynes and if its out then you may aswell replace the belt and tensioner. I never re-tension an old cambelt and for the cost of them i wouldnt advise anyone else to...
  6. stonesie

    Anyone for an overpriced golf?

    I just wish customers like that would come to my garage lmao our standard labour rate is £30 per hour +vat.
  7. stonesie

    Anyone for an overpriced golf?

    Tail lights - £150.00 – fitting £100.00 :upside: Thats a 10 - 15 minute job...... what a mug paying £400 an hour labour :wasntme:
  8. stonesie

    CV Joint and Gator Question !!! Helppp...

    I don't know if the CV joint is a ''knock off'' or if its held on with a small circlip on K10's but changeing the boot is a messy job either way.... You need to take the center hub nut off first (this WILL be tight) then remove the wheel, next out is the pinch bolt that holds the lower ball...
  9. stonesie


    I would be haveing the wheels off and having a look for myself mate, that sounds from your description like worn out pads but there are other things it can be. The 2nd suspect is the heat shield behind the front discs but this would make noises when turning too..... best bet would be to take...
  10. stonesie

    rear brakes

    a sharp crack with a decent hammer does wonders for rear drums, either that or a hamer and a big chizel to knock them off. A slide hammer on a wheel nut thread won't work unless you take the bearing out too as the drum is a seperate thing all together.
  11. stonesie

    rear drums

    If a lip has built up around the drum this could hold it on, my solution is a hammer and punch to knock it off, be a bit careful and it will get it off but in extreem cases it could cost you a set of shoes.
  12. stonesie

    what do you do all day?

    I'm a mechanic, helps with cheap parts for the micra....... which need to be cheap as the pay is not great:suspect:
  13. stonesie

    Concorde Flies Again

    Agreed, planes are not that easy to fly but i managed it:upside: Getting back into it in the new year, fancy a crack at a fun fly... theyre not fun though flying at walking pace close to the ground. Random Concorde fact... in all the time Concorde was in service the RAF didn't have a...
  14. stonesie

    telemarketer wind-up :laugh: enjoy:laugh:
  15. stonesie

    Compression ratio for 95 octane pump gas

    For the head skim i would take as little as possible off to get it flat again. And for a DIY job on the inlet and exhaust ports i would match them to the gaskets and smooth them out removing any rough or sharp edges, but leave the inlets slightly rough (not mirror smooth) as this helps to...
  16. stonesie

    Electrical Problem

    A local motorfactors should be able to get them, either that or a nissan dealer (shouldnt be expensive) mine has the small pole battery as standard though so i thought all K10 micras had. And on the power drain..... i would doulbe check the wireing and there should be 1 perminant live to keep...
  17. stonesie

    got standard brakes?

    LMAO how long before Brembo sue them for coppyright:laugh:
  18. stonesie

    compression problem

    The first suspect for me is the valves, maby 1 has a burnt seat and is not sealing properly. To check this repeat the compression test then put some oil down each plug hole (a teaspoon or 2 should do it) then do the compression test again, the oil makes a very good temporary seal on the rings...
  19. stonesie

    Speeding ticket

    Mine was 3 days, eager beevers:devil:
  20. stonesie

    Speeding ticket

    Round here thay have a habbit of parking just round the corner after a fixed camera, sneaky sods use a camera on a tripod and have been known to 3/4 hide the van behind a bush or other vehicle..... Hence i have 3 points for 48 in a 40 on a long downhill section O.o (but of course they are not...