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  1. funkydoodycool

    Funky's K12 for sale

    My K12 is for sale... based in South Herts. £2000 2003 (03) 1.4SE MOT until December 2012 Tax until late summer (I'll confirm the month later) 15" steel wheels with new Continental winter tyres (175/65R15) Unmoddified apart from some blacked up bits on the dash and a couple of MSC...
  2. funkydoodycool

    Selling up...

    Well it's come to pass that I'm selling my K12, before I've even got round to fitting the fast road brakes and lowering springs I bought months ago for it! I had some nice plans, but I had to choose between the Micra and a Smart forfour Brabus. The Brabus hasn't sold after 2 months, and as...
  3. funkydoodycool

    Abnormal tyre wear - alignment checked - No ideas....

    (not my K12) Both my front tyres are wearing on the inside corner, quite significantly as if that's the only part of the rubber touching the ground. I've had the alignment checked, and not only was it spot on, the guys at the garage could find nothing loose, missing, or otherwise wrong...
  4. funkydoodycool

    Parking Woes

    Gah just gotta get this off my chest. Where I live most houses have at last a double drive. Those who don't tend to have only one, or no cars. One house over the road has 4 cars on the drive, and one more that parks opposite us by the kerb. Because we currently have 3 cars (one being sold)...
  5. funkydoodycool

    D'oh - clunking sound rear left

    I pulled out of the drive today, to the sound of a clunk from the rear left. It kinda almost sounded like a binding brake releasing. Or the time I ran over a rabbit and it jumped up under my car :( Any pointers what it could be? Suspension wise I'm having my MOT tomorrow, so I would hope...
  6. funkydoodycool

    Cold Weather Tyres

    I'm getting a set of Continental Cold Weather Tyres today, 175/65R15s. The plan is to use them on my stock steelies, then in Spring I'll get new alloys with some nice Summer tyres, then I can just change wheels every year instead of paying to change tyres. I just wondered what other people's...
  7. funkydoodycool

    Keyless Entry Buttons

    I'm about to order these for both doors (the boot is the only one that works). Anyone have any experience changing the buttons? I've found the screw inside the door that holds them in place, but just wondering if they are simple plug and play, or need programming? Nissan already want £35...
  8. funkydoodycool

    Decisions decisions

    It's not like I'll get an unbiased opinion here :P I have a choice now. Keep the k12 with its 950ish kilos and 98bhp, which is in all round good health and I have plans (and some parts waiting) for it Or... Keep the Brabus with its 1000kg and 177bhp, but it needs a brake cylinder (ready...
  9. funkydoodycool

    OBD code P1706

    The dreaded yellow light just came on on the way home :( From a brief Google I've read P1706 is related to the neutral position switch. My reverse light packed up a few weeks ago too, coming on intermittently if I wiggle the gear stick in reverse, but now doesn't work at all. Based on...
  10. funkydoodycool

    Need help please - door latch not working

    Thankfully not on my Micra but on the ill-fated Smart Brabus... The drivers door latch won't stay locked, so the door can't be closed. All other doors work fine. When I shut the driver's door, it just bounced back as if the seatbelt or something was blocking it. When I inspected further...
  11. funkydoodycool

    Head Unit not dimming with headlights

    As per title, my headunit does not dim with my headlights. I'm only assuming that all HUs come with this function - it's really starting to bug me with the dark nights and mornings, having a bright white glow in my peripherals :P Anyone know which wire I need to connect to where, if it's...
  12. funkydoodycool

    Brake Master Cylinder cost...

    Our Brabus has had an intermittent brake fault where the pedal goes right to the floor with zero braking until the brakes are pumped. Pretty scary. It seems to happen more often after the car's sat a while. So the obvious (to me and my mechanic) thing to do is change the brake master...
  13. funkydoodycool


    So... the work begins. 35mm springs arrived today, courtesy of a very efficient Dragonmaster_uk, so I am officially entering the world of Micra modding :) I'll be investing in some new alloys soon - probably after winter, as I'll likely put winter tyres on my steelies for the next 4 months...
  14. funkydoodycool

    Momo Competizione Gear Knob for sale
  15. funkydoodycool

    The Law of Sod

    I just spent 90 minutes with a can of sticker remover and a Stanley knife, "carefully" removing the faded Nissan dealer sticker from the inside of my rear window. I've probably damaged the demister wire, but hey I can repair that if need be. Then I grabbed the MSC sticker from my...
  16. funkydoodycool

    Nintendo Engine System

    Superb modification :)
  17. funkydoodycool

    Changing steering wheel/seats - airbag issues?

    Does anyone here have any experience of changing their steering wheel or seats? Most specifically I wonder how you overcame any issues with the airbags going "missing" and the dash light coming on, which I assume would be an MOT fail as well as an annoyance.
  18. funkydoodycool

    Saw a 160SR yesterday

    On a dealer's forecourt. It was beautiful. Black. Tinted headlights. Can't afford it :(
  19. funkydoodycool

    Changing brake discs and pads

    So this is something I've not done before. Not on a car anyway, and I imagine the concept is much the same as on my mountain bike, just bigger, heavier and.... surprisingly a LOT cheaper. Anyway, I'm going to attempt to change my front discs and pads (not disconnecting the caliper) tomorrow...
  20. funkydoodycool

    Latest mod

    This one was quite easy to achieve - I simply reversed too fast and at an awkward angle onto my drive, and hit the wall on the way.