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    Micra Preface Front

    you got it in one. the facelift sidelights and wings are the same so not needed.
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    1.2 performance cam

    Shame your in Canada. got a spare ma12 reground cam (no spec's unfortunatly as I got it off a grass racer) sat around.
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    Racing Clutch options

    This is why im going cg13 in mine. the tuned MA12 I had in just slipped the clutch if you didnt gently select between gears and setting off lol.
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    Cbr600 carb

    Holy thread bump batman. For k10's look out for a set of Honda CBR600 carbs. They have the perfect spacing for the ports on the micra head. Just need the jets changing.
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    MA 10 DIZZY.

    Never got around to fitting the home brew rev limiter as I picked up an Accuspark limiter off a mate for cheap and its a good bit of kit. They are pretty cheap on ebay too:
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    My 91 K10 Project

    Looking good so far, just shame about the eye brows.
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    Aftermarket Steering Wheels

    Just have a look for nissan 200sx ones as they have the same spline fitment
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    Wide wheels

    13 x 7 et6 still need a fair bit of arch pull to get them to fit: and how they fit with 165/55 tyres:
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    Ultimate Handling?

    Give protech in Bristol a ring. They make custom coilovers.
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    Could you please tell me what is the circled reservoir in the photo used for

    Check the Power steering level whilst the engine is running aswell
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    number plate lights

    Either that for find an early boot lid:
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    Reverse switch

    They are on the gearbox. the only electrical thing on the gearbox.
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    Wheels Advice Please.

    Nope et6 would make them sit ouy 1mm further Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Wheels Advice Please.

    Yup Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Head gasket?

    Did you check the gbox level with the engine running? Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    Wheels Advice Please.

    You will need to mess about with the arches to fit starmags, unless you can find some that are thinner than 7inch wide. Heres what I had to do to the rear arches on mine:
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    k10 turbo bonnet

    ill give you £20 for it
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    Adjustable Cam Gear - Pics

    Had a spare set of 1 litre cams sat about so I thought I would look into making them adjustable. I managed to tap the original dowel holes In the camshafts so it can also be held by an allen key bolt aswell as the main bolt Sent from my GT-I9505 using Tapatalk
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    insurance prices :( :(

    Im paying more than twice what I paid to insure a jag xj6 with a 3.2 straight 6 engine for my micra
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    insurance prices :( :(

    you will find the micra more expensive than a bigger engine'd volvo for example. micra's are easy to steal, dont hold up well in a crash, no alarm/immobiliser standard, no air bags, no abs etc.