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  1. sp13rsy

    wanted speaker connections

    im after the connecting plugs on the rear parcel shelf these are the ones im after thanks for looking
  2. sp13rsy

    would these fit a micra ????

    just seen these on ebay there 4x100 so im guessing they would ?
  3. sp13rsy

    parts for sale

    i will have some parts for sale as need to raise some cash for my new 3 bed house that im currently buying i will get pics of all the parts over the weekend and put a list up once i sorted them all out so watch this space lol:)
  4. sp13rsy


    got a friend at work she has just got a facelift k11 on a v plate she is having trouble with the locks drivers door unlocks with key but wont lock and the boot lock doesnt work any ideas ?? thanks
  5. sp13rsy

    banded steelies

    hi am really want to get some banded steelies found a couple of companys that do them but i have no idea what measurements to go for can any one help me with this please :)
  6. sp13rsy

    looking for a maf sensor

    hi there im after a maf sensor for my 94 m super s as looked round all my local scrappys and cant find a single one that hasnt had the entire tb taken any one have a spare one they would be wiling to sell a resoldered one wouldbe a bonus :D but willing to try that my self if not thanks everybody
  7. sp13rsy

    SOS help needed

    Hi I'm am in urgent need of a drivers side door glass for a m reg 3 dr has electric windows Any help would be great As my car was broken into last night so it's needed ASAP as I use the car for work Thanks every one
  8. sp13rsy

    maf sensor

    found this on ebay anyone tried it???|Model%3AMicra&hash=item4167fd8dd4
  9. sp13rsy

    seen this on ebay

    found this on ebay anyone bought from them before is a reasonable price ???
  10. sp13rsy


    was looking to fit some stiffer suspension in the rear of the micra and was wondering if anyone had any advice just fed up with the rear scrapping when i have passengers in the rear speed bumps :mad:
  11. sp13rsy

    having trouble

    got a slight hesitation when i accelerate its only small but want to know if anybody can tell me what it might be as would love to get it fixed thanks in advance :)
  12. sp13rsy

    seen these on ebay talk about sykodelik lol
  13. sp13rsy

    head light probs

    my car recently failed mot on emmisions and the passenger headlight not working on dip beam well sorted out emmissions (hopefully lol) as for the headlight thought it might have been the bulb but all the bulbs work tried them using drivers light so im just wondering if anyone would know what it...
  14. sp13rsy

    need this part please

    im going back to the standard airbox with a k&n panel filter but i need a part for the box its the mesh insert if any one has this part it would help so much cheers :)
  15. sp13rsy


    cant really decide what to get between banded steelies :) or a nice set of alloys what you guys reckon
  16. sp13rsy

    air filter

    was thinking of removing my induction kit and going back to the standard air box with a k&n panel filter was wondering if any one had any advice as i know some of the members have used almera boxes just wanted to know the best one cheers every one for your help in advance :)
  17. sp13rsy

    led tail light

    was wondering if any one has got a driver side led tail light for sale as some one ran in to the back of my car and smashed mine then did a runner so looking for a new one cheers
  18. sp13rsy

    help needed

    any one know of a courier that would collect and deliver a super s spoiler for a reasonable cost ???? thanks
  19. sp13rsy

    ebay find

    check out this beauty bit pricy but wow
  20. sp13rsy

    gearbox oil ???

    hi was going to check and top up my gearbox oil but i cant make sense of the haynes manual in where to check or fill it i have an m reg 94 super s any help or pics would be most helpfull thanks guys and girls (Y)