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    Cold start and engine noise

    Piston slap? usually goes away after pistons have heated and expanded
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    Do all K12 micra have a pollen filter?

    My Jap CR14 definitely has one, but my mechanic replaced it during a service so I can't tell you where its located, I'm sure your local dealer or mechanic will point you in the right direction (they can't charge you for a phone call, why not just give Nissan a call?)
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    Engine cleaning

    As non carburated and no distributor, why not just plastic bag over the air intake; spray with automotive degreaser and wash the oil off with hose water?
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    Dash LED

    Hi, mine has faded backlight problem; I have found a speedo repair company in my country that says they can fix it; so I guess it can be done (not sure about changing of the colour though ). try googling speedometer repair and see what you can find where you are.
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    Nismo conbination tachometer/ speedo

    I believe the part number is 24810-RNK20-WH; has anybody ever purchased and retrofitted this combination unit to their K12? I am considering and would appreciate any feedback
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    12v Socket

    Perhaps a fuse problem then
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    Replace stereo: are fascia harness adaptors needed?

    if you are in the UK.....
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    Replace stereo: are fascia harness adaptors needed?

    To be honest my car was imported without a stereo fitted that's why I got a new head unit as my first job; my JVC has no real discernible gap around it and is quite stable, the wiring harness was supplied by the stereo supplier but I remember there being many types for many different vehicle...
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    12v Socket

    It just looks like a 12 volt socket with the blanking plug removed? Have you actually tried plugging in her sat nav to see if it works?
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    Replace stereo: are fascia harness adaptors needed?

    My JVC head unit was fitted without any adaptor but a wiring adaptor was used to plug straight into the Nissan harness. Mine is a 2002 Jap import with the same storage compartment above the radio as yours.
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    Radio will not turn of

    Well we are back to a faulty head unit switch then aren't we? get a new one and be done with it or if you prefer your stereo to always be off you can just remove it completely and fit a blanking plate.
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    Radio will not turn of

    Are you saying that it will not even turn off when the car is turned off? If that is the case it may be a dodgy wiring job an auto electrician will be your friend
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    Radio will not turn of

    It is obviously a fault with the head unit, why not just bite the bullet and replace with a new one?
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    Radio will not turn of

    Oh it obviously has to be you lol
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    Temperature Light Turns On

    Sounds like your radiator may need to be flushed out
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    Changing the colour of the dash lights??

    I'm not sure if you can change the dash light colour, but JVC have some head unit models with variable display lighting Available on the KD-R820BT KD-R720BT andKD-R620 units
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    k12 headight cluster

    Can you provide a link to a website where I can purchase Valeo headlamps from?
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    headlamps direct UK

    Thank you, but I am on the other side of the world in New Zealand.
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    headlamps direct UK

    Thanks Jen, appreciate the feedback. :)
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    headlamps direct UK

    Has anyone ever purchased replacement headlamps from this company? Would appreciate any feedback re quality, fitment etc. Also, are the chrome or black liners considered better? Cheers