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    A few questions

    I've run in to some issues with my K11, hope you can shed a light on them. Interior light: I noticed the interior light turns on when I open the driver door like it’s supposed to, but doesn’t turn on when I open the passenger door. Is this a factory default, or did something break? Boot...
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    My 1.0 needs a new set of tyres (175/70 R13), and I'm having a hard time deciding what type to go with. I'm currently torn between Michelin's Energy E3B 1's and Conti's EcoContact 3. My main concern is with comfort (sound) and durability, as this car is mainly used as a city/commute car. I...
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    Changing the radio: adapters needed?

    I want to upgrade the stock Blaupunkt radio/cassette player of my K11 to a Sony CDX-GT24 cd/mp3 player. I've read that the K11's wiring is not ISO standard and that the car audio earths through the antenna. Looking at this installation guide of the GT24, I think it comes with all the adapters...
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    Cleaning the heater

    Hey everyone, this is Amsterdam calling. I just got a 1995 Micra K11 and am in the process of doing some well-needed back maintenance. On top of my list is fixing the heater/blower, which currently only works at setting "4". I've gathered from older posts that this would require replacing the...