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    Rough idle, poor fuel econody

    Hi 2006 Nissan Micra, K12, 80,000 miles. Over the last couple of weeks it has developed a rough idle and the fuel economy has dropped from its mid 40's to around 35 - almost a 10mpg loss. No MIL light, no misfires, no stored codes, no pending codes. Delphi shows no errors, but does show IAT...
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    Rumbling, rattle on rough road

    Hi, I have a 2006 Micra with 70k on the clock. Nothing replaced apart from tyres and an O2 sensor. On anything other than a smooth road, there is a rumbling and a non-metallic rattle from the offside front (drivers side). I've had the car up on wheel ramps and poked around and can't see...
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    K12 upstream and downstream O2 sensor replacement

    Hi, first post here. My other car, a 56 plate K12 with 40k miles is running rough and showing an error with O2 Bank 1. I see from internet posts that usually both sensors go. How easy are they to replace? I'm reasonably confident and have a good tool kit, but my other car and previous cars have...