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  1. itzhodges

    please helpppp ga16de

    so I hav been lookin into an engine swap I kno so many posts have been said about this swap bu nothing reli helps me. things I have heard . the ga16 will drop staright in using old mounts . some people say you have to cut the chasis is thi true .it will cinect up to my 1.0ltr gear box ...
  2. itzhodges

    sr16ve swap

    hi for a while ive been looking at importing an sr16ve from us or jpn to drop in my micra I know I need the mounts but what else is there that I nees obv gear box but like looms and stuff and will it be just plug and play or will it all need wiring up I was gona go for the d16z honda engine as...
  3. itzhodges

    itzhodges k11 in the workz

    im new to this so here is goes i brought this little k11 for a cheaper run around as apposed to the old mk3 vr6 and i have fallen in love with it since buying the car i have installed/made .1.3 cams :) .drilled airbox .custom bonet in the making .painted my roof black at work haha .painted...