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  1. decxter

    could you do it?
  2. decxter

    what a waste of money
  3. decxter

    k11_whore and Decxter mini meet

    :p cheers for looking k11_whores is the china blue one mine is the multiple colours one lol still dont know how to have the pics show up
  4. decxter

    quality ebay listing have never laughed so hard. :grinning:
  5. decxter

    Ga16de conversion couple of questions

    Been doing research on this and am planning a 1.6 swap in the summer but looking clarification on two things. 1. I have a 2000 Facelift K11 with coil pack engine and I right in thinking I can use the gearbox in this with the 1.6 engine as it is similar to the cg13 ones but with different gear...
  6. decxter

    Nissan Micra 1.0 16v Cylinder Head

    Looking a cylinder head for a 2000 1.0 s this is the coil pack engine and has 5f2 stamped on the head. I have tried local scrapyards and they wont sell just the head and are looking £200 for the full engine would ideally like to spent around £80 including postage to Northern Ireland if possible...
  7. decxter

    Free tyre tread depth and pressure checker

    as above :grinning:
  8. decxter

    Amazing rat thread

    was browsing on another forum when spotted this. mad amount of work done.
  9. decxter

    98 to 00 bumpers

    would 98 to 00 bumpers fit on a 2000 k11 s. my car is the second facelift version with the fog lights on the outside. cheers decxter :grinning:
  10. decxter

    new member need help!!!!

    i have a k11 1.0 s. recently the yellow engine light came on. i have put in new spark plugs and these are in correctly. when i hold the two speedo rods in the dash shows err 11. Also when driving the car is very sluggish when on full rev and starts to slow down but when cut back to about 2000...