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  1. detox

    I need some things….

    I need some drive shafts and face lift front end (wings, bonnet, lights and bumper) Do you think I need to get new drive shafts or will some from the scrappy do? Does anyone have any of this stuff?
  2. detox

    valve guides

    hello was just wondering if anyone has ever taken there valve guides out of the head and how they did it..... p.s. i need to be able to get new ones bake in aswell so how thay did that would be a great help.
  3. detox

    what is the travel?

    have had a littel look in the haines manuel but i cant fide it... anyone know what the standard suspension travel for the k11 is?
  4. detox

    wanted 1.4 Engine

    realy need a CGA3DE (1.4) i have looked in all the local scrappy's and there aint one (not that surprised) will take just conrods and crank shaft if that is all that i can get... money ready and waiting..... any idea's were i could get one?
  5. detox

    rally car crash's have to say i would not liked to have been in that! or that! oooo! i must state that know 1 was hurt in...
  6. detox

    sva manual

    Ok i think i am going to need an SVA Manual i have not found any on the internet..... Alienfish have offerd me an 2006 for 100 pounds........but i dont think i what an 06 right now does anyone have an old copy or know anything about them?
  7. detox

    Detox is back!

    Helllo some of you may have noticed that i have been gone for some time now....well i am back! i have be a bit busy recently sorting out stuff and i had not much to say(not being able to drive and not haveing a car yet)....... but i am back 17 and just about to by my project car and my...
  8. detox

    Nex Crashed!!!!!!!

    ok,i was in the car a min ago and have just seen nex's car on the back of a lorry with right door all mashed in. Just spoken to him, and motorbike went into him wen he was turning right (not nex's fault) and the car wheel and suspension are broken and car will not run. Motorcyclist in...
  9. detox

    !!!!Mad NOS!!!!!

    ok so my bike is broken (the headset is mashed if that make's sense to any one) ok so non working bike will not stop me going out on it!! this was a bad move!! ok so i snapped na collar bone!!!ok this now means that i will not be riding for the next 6-8weeks!!! anyway what i was getting at is...
  10. detox


    ok i cant do a pole but witch 1's do we like the most!!! the number go across!! 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
  11. detox

    ok wish me luck!!!!

    ok so i am preity shore i am in but i need a boost!!! ok i am doing a motor sport engineering b-tec so i can go on and study it in universty!!!! i will be learning how to : weld in all the ways under the sun!! build a race car!!! design new the chassis!!(and build them) rebuild...
  12. detox

    "we sang some daft things as kids"

    It has been talked about what were the songs/things you sang as a kid!!!! the adams family started when uncle fester farted he farted down the keyhole and paralyzed the car the chairs could'nt take it the table fell apart and fe fi fo thumb them he did a bigger one DPFFFFFFFFFFFFFF(in...
  13. detox

    twin turbos

    ok how do they work? i have seen some that look like they are 2 in a row(runing off each uther) and uthers that seem to run on with them both separately attached to the manifold!!! anyone know anything about how they work!!! and does ED have that guide finish'd on the st will make a good read!!!!
  14. detox

    skyline --> micra

    ok i have heard that some one put a skyline engine in a micra (in the front, there are a cople of them in the back) but anyway i was wondering if any 1 has some pics on the engine bay.. or any information!!!
  15. detox

    Engine transplants with a difference

    ok so everyone is doing engine transplants with there micra's and i notest that even throw nissan engines are the best, no1 has dont a transplant with another engine!!!! Now i have been thinking about this for some time. I can only think that it is because of problems with the electrics...
  16. detox

    mongol rally

    mongol rally: ok i am going to be setting up a team msc for the mongol rally!! this rally is not about winning ( dont think there is even a prize). this rally will take you from london to mongol, 8 000 miles, 2 deserts, 5 mountain ranges, roads ranging from bad to non-existent, no support crew...
  17. detox

    k10 1L

    i need a 1L k10...... need's to be cheap (under 100) cos i am planing on doing the Mongol Rally 2007 my location = sn13 8lj or ner bath (ner bristol)
  18. detox

    Quad Throttle Body

    hi i am looking at Quad Throttle Body Kit's and was wondering some stuff will a Nissan SR20DE / SR20DET have any chanse of fitting..... and what throttle body size will i need 48mm,50mm and 52mm and what size fuel rail o'ring size do i want 11mm (jap type injectors) or 14mm (bosch type...
  19. detox

    what do we want??

    ok convinced my mum to get a micra she like's the super s but this is what she wants: k11 1.3 engin and folding back seats (the one's were the bottem bit fold's as well as the top bit) prefably 5 door but 3 is ok she has about 600 but maybe able to get more...... does any one have a...
  20. detox

    what is the new photoshop contest

    what is the new photoshop contest!!!!!! Any idea's? can we vote on the last one!!!