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  1. euro_micra

    Mark's 1.0L

    Was good to see this at RRG14, Mark. Drew a small croud of people taking photos, I had to wait before I could inspect your wheels. :)Shame there wasn't more K11's there.
  2. euro_micra

    Nottinghamshire, didn't go to RRG this year though, just '11 & '12, hopefully next year.

    Nottinghamshire, didn't go to RRG this year though, just '11 & '12, hopefully next year.
  3. euro_micra

    Member's eBay Finds

    Yup, AMY's K11 Impul Spoiler
  4. euro_micra

    Member's eBay Finds

    There's a K11 Impul Spoiler for sale somewhere on the internet for around £80. I can't remember where I saw it now though:oops: But it was from a place that imports parts from Japan, but they actually own it, I believe, rather than being a middle man for auction sites. Maybe AMY.
  5. euro_micra

    Wanted: Micra K11 engine, 1.0 or 1.3

    Hello, do you mean I can have just the engine, or I need to buy the car? If you are willing to remove the engine and ship it, what's the mileage and is it 1.0 or 1.3?
  6. euro_micra

    My facelift K11

    It's been a while hasn't it. So I thought I'd update. Since the last update I must have only done 400 miles. It leaked like mad and was starting to smoke on boost when cold. It still ran great when warmed up. Just top up with oil after every trip and keep it below 2psi for the first 5 miles...
  7. euro_micra

    Wanted: Micra K11 engine, 1.0 or 1.3

    Hello, I'm looking for a CG10 or a CG13. With or without cylinder head or ancilleries: I'll be fitting my own. Will take mileage into consideration, but ideally it must be cheap and already removed from the engine bay. I'm located in North Nottinghamshire but I can travel, or pay courier...
  8. euro_micra

    Removing Rev Limiter

    There was an old thread, I've lost the link to it now. But it mentioned that someone wired the fuel pump in seperately to avoid the ecu cutting power to it at 8000rpm. I never got around to trying it myself, so I can't confirm it works.
  9. euro_micra

    what did you do to your micra today ?

    Looks good Dougy;) Can't wait to see it with the new wheels on! Also, what's that under the side repeaters?
  10. euro_micra

    Dougyledds AJ4 Costcutter Express

    Damn Mark, that's pretty similar to my 'shop I did today. You know what to do dougy;)
  11. euro_micra

    Improving low end power/torque

    A CG13 inlet cam worked well on my CG10, gains all over the rev range I'd say. You can advance the inlet cam as well and that will shift the power band further down, but it does seem to plateau at 5k though. Stock airbox seems to be best for low end power, but again there's little above 5k. The...
  12. euro_micra

    Mark's 1.0L

    or how about a striking purple?
  13. euro_micra

    Mark's 1.0L

    What about chrome rings on silver? A little more subtle than black.
  14. euro_micra

    JDM Collective-Birmingham Wheels Arena-April 7th 2013

    :confused: How did I miss this thread?! Ah well, I'll make it next time hopefully. Any more pictures?
  15. euro_micra

    K11 turbos - how much insurance?

    Oh wow, just checked earlier, and the price of £410 is without mods for some reason, from insureyourmotor with mods, it's £720. Hopefully it's Adrian Flux to the rescue, or I see a turbo kit or sale!
  16. euro_micra

    Slammed K11's

    true:oops: I was doing my part by making speedbumps a tiny bit lower each time I went over one, till they fought back. Less lows and more driveability ftw:)
  17. euro_micra

    Slammed K11's

    How it stands at the moment: With cheap and nasty Corsa coilovers, 1" from highest setting, cut springs on rear. F: 20.7" 185/50/13 on Franks Steels 13x6.5 R: 21" 165/65/13 on Franks Steels 13x6.5 Use to be like this: Same Corsa coilovers, 1" from lowest setting, cut springs on rear. F: 18"...
  18. euro_micra

    K11 turbos - how much insurance?

    No Sky Insurence wanted over £1500. It was with Insure Your Motor, I believe. Was a pita to get last year with them though, guy on phone asked what's the cheapest quote so far, it was £750 from Adrian Flux, and he said he can beat it at £650. Asked if that's with mods, he said "oh, no, what you...
  19. euro_micra

    K11 turbos - how much insurance?

    My renewal's almost halved to £410 this year:eek: 25year old, 3years ncb, 1.0, turbo, exhaust, wider wheels, wider tyres, coilovers, misc engine modifications, misc exterior mods, interior changes. Or £630 if stock.
  20. euro_micra

    open deck block guards

    Are the CG10 auto's closed block too?