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  1. skymera

    FREE - Banzai Magazines - 2004-2006 - 31 Editions

    Hi all, I have no room anymore for my Banzai collection. I bought these from 2004-2006 (with a few editions missing) when I was a wee teen. I can't bring myself to throw them away just yet, but I thought there might be someone who is interested. There's 31 editions in total, most in very good...
  2. skymera

    Synthetic Oil Q's

    Hi guys, Had a few mins of free time at work so I started shopping for some engine oil. I'm looking here on the right hand side there are "synthetic oils" and "ester synthetic" Could someone explain the difference? Pros / cons? In language we can...
  3. skymera

    Skymera's Breaking Thread

    Looking very slim the car will sell for any reasonable sort of money in its current state so the best thing to do now is to break it. EVERYTHING IS ON A FIRST COME FIRST SERVE BASIS. NOTHING IS YOURS UNTIL YOU'VE PAID! Located in Bracknell, Berkshire. Banded steels with tyres. Rears are...
  4. skymera

    [SOLD] Hayne's Manual - Free

    I acquired this Hayne's from @Jen319 for free so it'd be wrong to sell it so I;m going to pass it on! It's free to collect or I can post at buyers expense :)
  5. skymera

    Running Issues

    Horray, another running issues thread! As you all know, my K11 all of a sudden stopped working couple weeks back. Well last night we finally got it (safely) to a garage where it'll stay till I either fix or break. So here's what happened: Saturday - Daily driving, no problems. Sunday - Engine...
  6. skymera

    Skymera's Honda Civic VTi MB6

    Hi all :) The Micra has had it's day so I picked up this Civic MB6. I know it's not your typical boy racer EK Civic but it's still got the B18C4 VTEC with 170HP. It's certainly quicker than the Micra. It wont set any speed records but it does shift pretty well. Gets to speed nicely and...
  7. skymera

    Car Refuses to Start / Run

    Got a problem today guys. Started the car about 20 mins ago and it was fine. Got in gear to pull away and the engine spluttered and cut out. Started it back up and tried to move again and same thing happened. Pushed it back to where I was parked and engine just turns over but wont kick into...
  8. skymera

    Sticky Clutch Pedal

    Hi guys Recently I've noticed my clutch pedal sticking slightly when lifting. You can press it up and down quickly without a problem and it does spring back. When lifting slowly in traffic the pedal seems to stick then suddenly try and jump up when I lift my foot. Bit of a challenge in...
  9. skymera

    Oil Change

    New year, new oil change. Those 5000 miles went quick :) Any have oil recommendations? I'm looking at either this or this...
  10. skymera

    F/S: Corsa B Uprated Rear Shocks

    Item: Corsa B Uprated Rear Shocks Location: Bracknell Condition: New! Reason for selling: Excess Price: 40+P&P Set of rear Corsa B uprated shocks from a set of coilovers. Never been fitted to anything and still in their boxes. Bottom bush can be ground down to fit a K11. Located in...
  11. skymera

    Factory Horn Wiring

    Does anyone know how the horn is wired up to the steering column and wheel from factory? Only asking because I need to rewire the horn to the steering wheel but I have both horn wires running to a button on the dash so not sure the copper ring on the steering column is getting a live feed...
  12. skymera

    Quality Boss Kit

    I'm shopping around for a new boss kit. Mine isn't great. The horn doesn't work with it and it is kinda' wobbly on the splines. If I tighten it up the steering becomes unbearably heavy and almost impossible to turn. Was looking at Sparco quick release kits, any good? Anyone have...
  13. skymera

    CherryBomb back box with bend

    Long shot I'm after a CherryBomb back box with the standard bend welded on with brackets. I'll swap my Sportex for the CherryBomb and £30. Cost me £120 about a year ago. Or I'll buy the CherryBomb cash :)
  14. skymera

    Brake Noise - Question

    Hi all, YUestrerday I noticed a strange noise when I brake. It's difficult to describe but imagine a home desk fan spinning then resting a piece of paper against the blades whilst they spin. A fast whirring type buzz. Is it the grooves in the disc against the pads? I'm uploading a video...
  15. skymera

    F/S: Stock CG13 Cams

    Item: Stock CG13 Cams Location: Bracknell Condition: Used Reason for selling: Over indulgence without research. Price: 0 Bought some 1.3 stocker cams to have a regrind but looking into it, I'm not willing to pay that much so they are up for sale! Ideal upgrade for a CG10. Easily a 7HP gain...
  16. skymera

    F/S: K11 Throttle Body

    Item: K11 Throttle Body Location: Bracknell Condition: Used Reason for selling: Surplus Price: 0 Selling a throttle body I purchased from eBay but never actually required. This was bought when I was trying to diagnose idle problems with my old 1.0. Was from a 1998 1.0 manual. Has a hole in...
  17. skymera

    Headlight Beam Adjustment

    Hi guys, Does anyone have any guides to adjust my headlight beam height to the correct level without tools? Is someone able to park their car against a wall later and make measurements from floor to top of the beam? Also state if you're lowered and how much by so I can make some calculations...
  18. skymera

    F/S: CG10 Block and Head

    Item: CG10 Block and Head Location: Near Reading Condition: Used Reason for selling: CG13 POWAAHH Price: 15 CG10 block and head for sale. Covered 95k Completed with valves, pistons, dizzy, everything enginey. Needs a timing chain. Running when removed, albeit poorly due to poor chain...
  19. skymera

    F/S: x2 Rotalla F109 165/55/R13

    Item: x2 Rotalla F109 165/55/R13 Location: Bracknell Condition: Used Reason for selling: Fitted New Tyres Price: 30 Hi all, I have two Rotalla F109 tyres for sale in size 165/55/R13 These have been on my car (Micra) for 2 months and covered less than 750miles. Garage fit the wrong...
  20. skymera

    Wrap Around

    Wrap around spoiler wanted. Top dollar for TJ4 blue However any colour will be fine if the price is right. Hit me up!