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    Knife Edge Crank.

    Swiper, definately ask around to see who can balance your full bottom end (Crankshaft, Flywheel, Clutch at least), because often it's hard to find a good machine shop that can accomodate the full bottom end rotating weight. I would suggest a piston from someone like Wiseco or JE if they...
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    N/S (Passenger) Driveshaft K11 1.3 Super S

    I'm after a low mileage / good condition complete N/S (Passenger) Driveshaft for 94 K11 Super S 1.3 2 Door Micra please! [email protected]
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    Photos of Nissan OEM Overfender / Wide Arches?

    Those Golf Mark 1 Arches would be ideal, maybe the arc might be too big though? Anyone compared Golf Mark1 Arches to Micra Arches? Fibreglass is a pig but cheap to repair. I did a bit of searching on various Micra sites, and Cisco's Forum came up with a set from DEVISE Racing...
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    Japanese rear lights

    Easiest way to convert would just be to turn one of the reverse bulbs into fog light, chuck a red tinted brake bulb in there and wire up to fog circuit.
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    1.3 turbo k11 custom built-200bhp

    about 200hp at the flywheel I'd imagine ?!
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    Knife Edge Crank.

    Cool. I don't know enough about the CG Series Motor to give you a definative answer to knife edging that particular crank... but to aid response, obviously a lighter forged piston, same with con-rod, and a very good balance, rather than taking material away from something that will also make...
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    bigger front brakes for my 1.0l

    Sorry Craig, bit confused? Which disc is what? ^^
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    Micra Project

    Nah a 4E-FTE Swap would work nicer than turbo'd CG13 in my opinion. Got the right compression ratio to start with, along with a good base map that won't run you into too much trouble if you run 98, Starlet Motors are sooooo nice to fiddle with (Grab a turbo off an EVO, grab some...
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    1.3 turbo k11 custom built-200bhp

    Saw this spec a few months ago and got really excited reading it! haha Would love to drive this with the LSD fitted and set of slicks. "Nippy" wouldn't be the word!
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    Knife Edge Crank.

    I don't know the CG too well at the moment, but I would doubt the counterweights touch the oil level... Never been into knife edging personally, there's money to be better spent on machining other internals, and ensuring you get a good balance for entire bottom end + flywheel+clutch (hard to...
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    What brake pads to buy?

    I use Endless CCX pads on my GTR, have always loved them. Have no idea if they have them for the Micra though. Project Mu B-Force Street Pads are a nice pad too. But like Arnold said, probably an absolute waste of money on a daily driver! sorry! lol
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    bigger front brakes for my 1.0l

    So how much bigger are Almera Discs compared to stock? Calipers larger also? Nice mod.
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    Modifying Floor Pan / Low Seat Mounting

    Has anyone removed the raised section of floor plan that the front seat subframe bolts to?, so as to allow a very low seat position in the K11. Just wondered if its been done before I do it myself (chop out the raised section and reinforce with flat steel sheet. I want to basically use a side...
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    Help Please!

    Right mate, if you're going to start diagnosing car circuit electrics, you'll at least need a Test Lamp (like £2.99 from Halfords, little screwdriver looking thing with a bulb in it, and a earth lead)so you can check for Live feed, or better yet a Multimeter which are under £10 and you will use...
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    Mini Rims (Minilites/Superlites etc) on Micra?

    They are very fit. But the seller knows it aswell. TOOO Dear! I personally think 15" is too big for a K11, I might be wrong but most of the rim's I've seen look best in a 14", with a 45 or 50 profile tyre and a major "lower-age" in ride height, I reckon the K10 is the same. I'm well up...
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    Link to a few JDM Modified Micras/Marchs

    Alright Bazsan! ;) That crazy jap even has a holder for his Sky Remote look, on the right hand side of the steering wheel. But yeah, you're likely to have an eppy if you got in that car. My theory is, The japs can either do it bang-on, supreme style, the most beautiful modifications...
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    Mini Rims (Minilites/Superlites etc) on Micra?

    Centre Bore is never a problem. If its too big, there's options like a spigot spacer that'll locate around the centre of the hub, or if if too small, any engineer would be able to bore out the centre of the wheel, probably use a pillar drill or vertical bore. Would take them 30 mins at the most...
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    Mini Rims (Minilites/Superlites etc) on Micra?

    Nice one dude, I'm glad someone's had a go at fitting them. They'd really suit the Micra well, the Japanese Super Mini! What are these " wonky bolts " mate? I've never heard of a wonky wheel stud, doesn't sound too good though! lol. Any more info mate? I may be tempted to fit a 4 x 100...
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    Photos of Nissan OEM Overfender / Wide Arches?

    Cheers for the pics squarepants. The Nissan OEM ones are a bit too small really... I'm after these; They look pretty OEM, but I guess it's an aftermarket item. Does anyone know which company makes them, before I try and modify something like a GRP Bubble Arch for the old...