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  1. GlenJ

    These Wheels worth anything?

    As the title says just wondering if these are worth owt? Gonna stick on flea bay later if nobody on here wants them, Would describe as not to bad condition wise, Pic 2 wheel could do with a tidy up and centre cap missing on 1 wheel Cheers Glen
  2. GlenJ

    Popping on engine

    hey all As the title says, after some work on the head and putting back together it seems fine on idle for a few mins then sputters and i now have a popping sound i would say around 3-4k or when put the accelerator down quickly its seems to lag then rev up. Spoke to the guy who i was gonna...
  3. GlenJ

    bit of help

    Hey all after engine transplant, i have gone to start yesterday and nothing on the button Changed starter motor and i have life but won't start Checked for spark, no spark so changed dizzy and back to old plugs got a spark but still won't start After much debating yesterday I'm back to...
  4. GlenJ

    Gearbox oil

    Hey all I know this has been covered a while back but after searching which oil is recommended on here people are saying 75/90 gl4 after ring EuroParts they are saying the GL5 is better because it is fully synthetic and the GL4 is semi or mineral, after this conversation I'm a little confused...
  5. GlenJ

    Bent selector bracket?

    Me again, don't know if i have bent this when putting engine back in maybe (only solution i can think of) selector rod will not go in as it is, spare engine one is nice and straight Thanks
  6. GlenJ

    MoT Failure

    What to do, What to do Better half put her micra in yesterday and failed misrably Lots of little jobs and then the dreaded Welding Front Crossmember Offside Rear (inner sills) Nearside Rear (inner sills) Nearside rear floor And other bits on the advisory……All these above he has put...
  7. GlenJ

    Timing chain

    Here i go again…..:) After putting head back on i am struggling to get the chain/inlet sprocket back on, the cams seems out a wee bit i.e they are not really 9oClock and 12 inlet seems more 10oClock, the inlet sprocket is a millimetre out i can get the chain on it get the dowel in but will not...
  8. GlenJ

    Cutting springs

    Hey all I want to lower the car more at the front due to replacing struts with kyb last season, i have already cut a coil off 1 spring and 2 of another, but both on the drivers side keep going a bit lob sided (causing a wee camber when put back on the car) just wondering what would cause this...
  9. GlenJ

    Haynes Manuel 2A 9

    Is there anybody who could post the pages of this please, i need the refitting part on cylinder head mainly chapter 42-47, spilt oil on mine and now can't see what it is saying about the different torque stages i need to do Thanks
  10. GlenJ

    Re-fitting Head

    Hey all Just wondering when re-fitting cylinder head can i put the inlet on before putting the head on, this just makes it easier, allowing me to get to the bottom two bolts on the inlet or lean to the back due to no bracket on the back and the weight of it? Cheers
  11. GlenJ

    Brake disc these brake discs any good? Thanks
  12. GlenJ

    Micra v Yaris

    Ok fellas just wondering if you guys have had any experience of the Yaris. This year they have allowed the Toyota Yaris vvti 09-05 model to be in Class 1, after looking at the figures on the Parker site (i know these are not always accurate) the yaris pulls 11bhp more that than a Micra...
  13. GlenJ

    K11 Head Set

    As title says after a head set for k11 1996
  14. GlenJ

    Need a bit of help

    Stripping engine down today (well trying)…... after timing everything up dizzy out, tensioner off etc etc, when undoing the cam sprockets the spanner holding it slipped a little and i managed to turn the engine now its out of timing, just wondering what my options are? i was hoping to put the...
  15. GlenJ

    wheel bearings

    Just wondering how free these should turn, took them off today and both sides on the grasser sound like I'm winding a clock up, the spare i have, that sounds like I'm scraping something on a wall (sorry best descriptions i could come up with) both seem to be stiffish while spinning. Cheers
  16. GlenJ

    Breaking Micra

    Don't know if this the right place to put it….But breaking Micra any bits needed give me a PM. Most of the mechanical stuff i need but try me :)
  17. GlenJ

    Oil/Grease in CV

    Just wondering if any of you guys have ever put oil in the drive cv joint instead of grease to cause less friction, i know this is not ideal if you are doing miles in the car and will need a lot more maintenace but just wondering what you guys think? Thanks for looking
  18. GlenJ

    Which clutch kit?

    As the title says really Going to buy a new clutch kit tomorrow but wondering which 1 to go for, theres a couple from Europarts i have been looking at. Transmech 3 piece-£27 or Exedy OEM quality £39 Just wondering what your thoughts are on these and will these be a standard replacement or...
  19. GlenJ

    Grasser Rebuildish

    Picked up a donor car a while back, was gonna make a quick buck on it but decided to redo the grasser and thought i would share it with you guys :). just gonna re-panel and engine transplant all being well. Progress so far: Ground door and wings off front bumper off prepared some of the...
  20. GlenJ

    Wipers not working properly

    Just bought a cheap run about, was gonna turn into another grasser but it way to good for that. There is a couple of problems i can see at the mo. Wipers are not intermittent (they still work tho) just wondering what this could be. Bit of rust on boot door- Will address this then probably...