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    water pump o-ring dimensions (210492J200)

    Thank you! After I noticed your answer I looked again and I just found this: So apparently (from the label), 22.3 ID 29.3 OD thickness 3.5 (I can't speak Russian but it's writen "22.3*29.3*3.5" and it works: 22.3+3.5*2=29.3)
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    bleeding brakes....

    -- sorry, I thought it was a k11 thread --
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    water pump o-ring dimensions (210492J200)

    Hello Everyone, My water pump is leaking at the junction with the pipe behind it. Apparently it's just an o-ring to replace and if I am not wrong it's the part labelled 210492J200 Does anyone know this oring dimension please? I may ask to a Nissan dealer for one but I don't know if they will...