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    Rear light gasket leaking

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    Rear light gasket leaking

    Hi guys. Have been getting lots of condensation in my car and I've found out it was due to water in spare wheel well due to the gasket on the rear light leaking. Has anybody else had this problem? The gasket seems to be made from foam so just holds the water then leaks when saturated. Nissan...
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    Service reminder

    Cheers for your help guys. Will give that a go after I have my service.
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    Service reminder

    Hi I've got a 1.2 sx and it has come up with the service reminder on the drive computer. I'm getting it serviced next week but not at a Nissan dealer. I was looking in the book & it appears only the dealer can clear this message. Is this true or is they some way of clearing it without...
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    Green flashing "key light"

    Hi I've got an 04 sx with the keyless entry. The last couple of weeks (since it got cold) when I start my car a light which says "key" flashes green for about 30 secs - 1 min. I have looked in the manual & it doesn't say anything about this light. I think it could be trying to tell me that...
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    Drive computer

    thats worked. Cheers for that. Saved a lot of messing about. Now to see how poor my mpg will be
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    Drive computer

    Hi I just purchased my 04 SX off my dad but want to reset the drive computer e.g. get rid of all the old mpg stuff so I can see what i'm getting rather than what my dad was getting. Is there anyway to do this other than taking the lead out of the back as I can't be bothered to take all the...
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    The smoking ban

    I don't know what people are on about here!! They can still smoke but not in enclosed spaces. So whats the problem?? Should non smokers have to breath in other peoples smoke just because the smokers don't want to get wet or stand outside???
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    Nissan Micra Driveshafts for sale k10 Pair

    how much are you looking for? & are they from an auto or a manual?
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    My bodywork repairs

    Sorry to hijack the theard. The front exhaust mount you are talking about is that the one that is connected to the gearbox?? How much did it cost to get this fixed as mine has broke. Cheers Dean
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    Attention: jackgimbert

    micra_pete goes on here so hopefully he will read this & be able to help u out
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    i think its gav's old one as the scottish one has the rare standard front bumper
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    k12 stereo code

    If its like other radio's i've done with codes you press the 1 button nine times to get 9 as the first digit. Then press the 2 button 9 times to get 9 as the 2nd digit & so on!
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    whats the best ever invention?

    bread slicer! :) it was just too easy
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    can you do a 04 Micra SX 1.2l, manual, not sure of mileage as im at uni & its my dad's car!! Cheers
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    K10 Pas?

    i think mark has PAS on one of his k10's & he sold it to slim i think but im not 100% sure
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    cheap bodykit?

    MicraTR - my dad brought one of these but is not going to fit it! i could ask him about sending it over to Turkey if you want?
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    cheap bodykit?

    yeah these are the real thing. My dad bought one from them!! great bargin in my eyes
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    For Sale : K10 front o/s (right) wing

    Just taken some pics now. The colour is better than in the pics. The flash just discolours them. Only problem is the tiny bit of rust where the ariel is but i don't think it can be seen when the ariel is on.