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    Time to move on... :( :( :(

    I kno how hard this guna be 4 u chic so just wana say well done 4 bein brave and bitin the bullet and good luck with plans 4 future motor! Even if u will rarely b around msc i know i will still see u i glad to think i is 1 of them ppl u mentioned as good friends =) any help or whatever u need...
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    Micra man's car bodywork and general update 2...

    think people saying scrap it should just pipe down in all honesty.. its easy 2 say that when it aint u been thru all dan has with this car,.. hes said his self he cant bring himself 2 scrap it atm. Iv been there seein sum of the pants dans been thru with this and know the love, time, effort and...
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    September JNE Meet, 23 September Teesside Autodrome

    think ill venture up hun :-)
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    Mouse Mat for men!!

    y just 4 men:(
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    Micra BBQ at North East Motor Show

    im chuffed neil:D lookin awesome. and the mera is lookin lush! will have 2 catch up with u sumtime soon me miss u!!
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    The Romance - watch this space

    trust me sonic it be worth it goin 2 c them. im seeing them at a festival here in stockton on sat and i cant wait.. even tho iv seen them endless times before and i kno all the songs.. its always a good gig!!
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    The Romance - watch this space

    think theyve gt their heads screwed on as they have been offered loads ov deals over the past year but refused them all because they wanted 2 wait 4 the right one.. hopefully they will come out on top i didnt kno that ben.. which 1 was ur cousin?
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    The Romance - watch this space

    Well a friend of mine is in a band which over the past year have became increasingly popular around the country, and now have been signed to warner and will have a single out in october. They shot their first video to the debut single 2 weeks ago... watch this space because they are guna b big...
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    Are you straight or gay maybe curious?

    why dus men think 2 women 2gether is so entertaining?? maybe im just 2 used 2 seein it? hmm
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    hey hey look whos back

    lol i got my reasons 4 wantin 2 move midlands:P and ey titchell i no slag:p never get rid ov me 4eva hughes!
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    hey hey look whos back

    thanks guys!! arnold im not too sure what kinda job i want yet.. something t do with either leisure management or sports development. however it wont be up here in Stockton.. will either be leeds way or birmingham way hopefully.
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    Are you straight or gay maybe curious?

    i got 40%.... hmmm i wud say i was quite a bit more gay than that!!
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    hey hey look whos back

    hey guys... i aint been on here since may it seems.. iv been really busy with uni stuff and work and things so aint really been about.. but im back now.. bit ov an update 4 yas who do remember/kno me who are actually interested... i do still have the micra.. i have now graduated from the...
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    Back off my hols...

    aww give poor dan a break hey.. its not like he wants his car 2 b in a garage 4 this long! yes it has been a while n dan has bin v unlucky with the car taking a while... but hey u cant rush good work and i sure its guna b worth it wen he gets it back. hope u enjoyed ur hol dan.. c ya sunday at...
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    update on my corolla (image intensive)

    im loving it kev... at first when i seen the pics after donny i wasnt sure the red was as nice as the blue.. but after all this work thats been done i really really like it its a big improvement.. will look forward to seeing it at JAE x
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    ah cool... well dun!
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    me confussed... i thought u only went up to Scotland in september? so how u going into third year? Iv got 2 exams next week along with 2 assginments.. therefore gotta write 7000 words before i contemplate revision! all be worth it tho.. week and a half left of uni :D
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    N/E Bowling May 6th

    just like a woman u ian... always changin ur mind:P
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    N/E Bowling May 6th

    lol cheeky!! no seriously iv left it soo late to do my work.. i technically need to write 7000 words before monday! and im at work all day sunday
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    Dave's Nissan Micra (from the beginning)

    Well i seen the car on Tuesday when we went down to pick it up from exhaust place... car is looking very nice indeed... didnt get chance to see him driving it as we had to go which is a shame.. but im impressed Davey! even if u are an awkward customer:P