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  1. Simonh

    wanted alloys !?

    dont need them anymore
  2. Simonh

    wanted alloys !?

    15 inch almera gti alloys?
  3. Simonh

    few K11 bits left over

    bonnet available?
  4. Simonh

    WANTED- Alloys for sale or swap, and more!

    lol amuses me when people think you can just slap nitrous on a car without uprating the internals. go for it just dont come to us when your pistons have melted
  5. Simonh

    few things for sale!!!

    bumpity bump
  6. Simonh

    blacked out headlights

    looks good and lol at the baby seat (Y) if only they new the rarity of what they were sitting in
  7. Simonh

    few things for sale!!!

    fli active sub 12 inch - ££offers tinted prefacelift lights without bulb holders - ££offers 15 inch almera gti alloys with 4 legal tyres 195/45/15 so low profile - ££offers induction kit from ebay which a few people on here have got- £20 would prefer pick up on these items pm me if your...
  8. Simonh

    heads and intake manifold

    cosworth focus.....hmmm forget the sr20 head and just slap a whole sr20 in there and then turbo it if you want to stand a chance
  9. Simonh

    what age do you start paying for nhs dental treatment?

    lol yeh ....i found out get it free upto 19 if your in education
  10. Simonh

    what age do you start paying for nhs dental treatment?

    ust read that if your 18 and in full time education you get it free. ill find out when i ring on monday
  11. Simonh

    what age do you start paying for nhs dental treatment?

    yeah i am in full time education
  12. Simonh

    what age do you start paying for nhs dental treatment?

    does anyone know. i have had braces for 2 years and just had them off and i need a filling. i need to go back to my dentist to see what he can do. does anyone know the age at what you start paying for dental treatment. im not sure if it 18 or higher? thanks all
  13. Simonh

    can any one find

    awesome chhon brings back so many memories..thanks for that kenny and james
  14. Simonh

    HELP! 70mph badger hit...not good!

    no way gutted mate. speak to robb he has replicas.
  15. Simonh

    Mids meet!

    so ####ed of i couldnt make it. but i hope you enjoyed my chosen deistination :) its a really beautiful place. urgent family problems meant i had to turn it down but turned out it wasnt as important as i thought...should of gone tbh
  16. Simonh

    happy birthday jowley

    have a great day mate
  17. Simonh

    Mids meet!

    My fella's a mechanic but he'll charge you :laugh: typical mechanic then. if no-one can do it then dont worry just wanted a bit of help
  18. Simonh

    Mids meet!

    right i am 99% coming to this now. dont have plans for sunday and i think i can lend the money off my mum for 4 days till i get paid. plus as the mids rep its my duty to turn up. tredder you should bring squarepants with you.
  19. Simonh

    Mids meet!

    ok cheers mate
  20. Simonh

    exhaust rubbing/knocking

    yeah stock and ill try that thank you