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  1. Gemma85


    Just opened my myspace up to a friend request by these guys Steve and Ollie they cracked me up so I thought I would share there daftness with everyone else! and there songs lol!!...
  2. Gemma85

    standered Cat

    I have a Standered K11 Cat lying about collecting dust any offers? perfect if u have a decat and need to get through mot.
  3. Gemma85

    k11 super s dial

    as above super s dial with rev counter offers please can post as buyers expense or collection from sheffieldish area :)
  4. Gemma85

    Janspeed manifold

    Janspeed manifold for sale excellent condition collection asap from sheffieldish area £70
  5. Gemma85

    awesome hits durham

    phil asked me to post this up last night but I forgot he is in durham for 2 nights if any north easterly members wanna meet up his no ##############
  6. Gemma85

    F.A.O: Raceworx

    Just got in and thought I would be the the first to say........ HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUDE! XXX
  7. Gemma85

    RIP Steve Irwin

    Steve irwin is mam just told me and quite shocked! He was invinceable....the daft arse!
  8. Gemma85

    Certificate Help

    Hiya ppl :) Can anyone help me please? I lost my record of acheivement you get from school that keeps all your school GCSE certificates and things in it was just one of them things that u know you had but never see again. Im applying to uni this year and there obviously gonna wanna see...
  9. Gemma85

    Kenwood KDC-309

    Selling this due to having no car and I cant put a cd player on a bike!! As above Kenwood KDC-309 cd player CD receiver MOS-FET amplifier (max power output 45w x 4) Fluorescent display Face off with case Radio display system (RDS) CD-R/CD-RW OEM wired remote 180w max power...
  10. Gemma85

    breaking K11...again

    Yes before any1 comments Iv learned my lesson I have been done over good and proper and the car i bought literally is ready to be scrapped holes in sills, crossmember, floor, gearbox, whole in petrol thing or summit corrosion ect ect ect anyway 2 many to lift... just giving u all a heads up...
  11. Gemma85

    Help the aged

    I dont know if im aloud to ask for sponsers in a thread but if not please just delete it mods :) Basically im running the bupa great north run a run from newcastle to south shields on october 1st (i think) and im running for the charity help the aged one of there conditions for running for...
  12. Gemma85

    what the future holds for the shed

    well as all of u no I bought a shed it will be an ok little car once a few things get sorted but iv been thinking of which way to go next.. 1 option is that I sell the janspeed manifold, janspeed exhaust system ect ect rip the skirts off and get it back to as standered as possible which is...
  13. Gemma85


    Im desperate for some new tyres but can afford a new full set and want to go smaller anyway has any1 got any 13" or possibly 14" alloys with tyres with a decent tyre tread for sale :) il be interested
  14. Gemma85

    the lonely braincell..more for the ladies

    THE LONELY BRAIN CELL Once upon a time there was a female brain cell which, by mistake, happened to end up in a man's head. She looked around nervously because it was all empty and quiet. "Hello?" she cried, but no answer. "Is there anyone here?" she cried a little louder...
  15. Gemma85

    Body shops

    Ok im doing a search but not finding anything helpful also searching the internet but wondered if any n/e members can recommend any decent body shops to get some quotes to get my tailgate finished
  16. Gemma85

    Spax 35mm lowering springs

    35mm lowering springs been on the car for about 2 month not marked still brand new all red and shiney! looking for £70ish ono collection prefered
  17. Gemma85

    Backbox and centre section

    Powerflow exhaust backbox and centre section Formely Davey c's it a one off no other one like it im sure davey can answer any questions about its history :) just recently purchased for £100 will accept £70 collection only...nice sounding exhaust not to loud but a nice deep growl! performance...
  18. Gemma85

    Parcel shelf with standered speakers

    Parcel shelf with standered speakers - offers? Collection prefered
  19. Gemma85

    K11 93 - 99 Haynes manual

    Excellent condition not used as im lazy and get men to do everything for me :) £10 posted Bargain :D
  20. Gemma85

    Breaking K11 :(

    come on vultures what u's wanting..... be gentle