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    just leave this here.. enjoy :)
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    bad parking

    own up who was it :oops:
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    where are you guys these days, it seams you aint bothered about the spam, oh well.
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    now i really like what ya done to the forum, looks great :) could of had some better smilies :p other than that it looks great :)
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    merry christmas

    have a good christmas all and and a better newyear.
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    Muhammad Ali

    great man, great fighter, sad news and sadly missed RIP fells.
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    happy new year people

    as the title says
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    washer pump

    a micra in the family as a knackered washer pump, as it sits in the washer bottle it has 1 pipe coming off it, been looking round local yards and they all have 2 pipes coming off them, can a double pipe pump be modded to work as a single. thanks andy
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    just a heads up my old micra is back up forsale, was a year ago i sold it, the towbar is really strong, bolts direct on to the chassis,new drivers side wing and sill where replaced and sunroof...
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    rear shocks

    noticed the other day that one of my rear shocks (was/is/started) to leak looked pretty oily...anyway cleaned it of and will be keeping an eye on it till i can afford to replace both rears. what options do i have :buy 2 new for £33 each.. bearing in mind they will only be a cheap make.. or is...
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    offside wing

    looking for a facelift wing in dr2 (green) metallic....looked in the yard here and theres non that colour............if anyone has 1 to sell or knows where there is 1 in a yard, all help appreciated thanks ...andy...
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    petition on fuel takes seconds to fill in come on lads and lasses
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    happy newyear

    happy newyear folks...........have a good one
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    merry christmas

    have a merry christmas every one and happy newyear
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    the chatroom is up and running now peeps
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    pic of a bolt..screw..selftapper or what ever it is

    need a pic of the bolt or screw that secures the folding split rear seats out of the super s or sr or any other micra with folding split rear seats (k11).. the seat bit ya bum sits on where the brackets are at the front theres 2 folding brackets on each split seat with 2 bolts in them bolted to...
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    huddersfield area

    is there any 1 in the huddersfield area that could check a car over for me...
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    1.3 micra

    i am ineed of another car as my mot runs out on mine on march the 3rd, so its time for some thing better as i dont want to through money at mine because i dont think its worth it. and i have had this car for 3 years now, so i will break it. kennierobo as been very helpfull and and still is, i...
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    super s on autotrader

    any one after a cheap super s? just seen this on autotrader...
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    as the title says................ just found this site may be some use to some 1...............