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  1. Helloween

    Pay with Stripe ?????

    Hi guys, im looking to sell my 1.3 micra for not much with supers s interior and all, but to put it in the "for sale section" it saying pay with stripe, whats that?? Like before it was paypal and so much easier!! Can anyone elighten me please on what to do? Id rather use paypal but no option...
  2. Helloween

    K11 Standard Wheel Bolts

    Hi all, i need a complete set of standard wheel bolts which is a total of 16 bolts or what ever you have.. Reply with price please... Cheers J
  3. Helloween

    selling my k11

    Hi guys, its been a loong while since ive been on here as my old forum name is --alpina-- but cannot seem to log in with my password which i probably forgotton!!, anyway am looking to sell my k11 but cannot seem to find the right section, its all changed !! :-) any links to the for sale...
  4. Helloween

    Debadgeing tailgate -------

    Hi guys, was thinking of whipping the rear NISSAN LOGO above the tailgate handle of my M reg, can i ask how its held on? i.e. double sided backing tape? or if i take it off the badge is it held on with 2 small notches that fits in the tailgate leaving 2 holes visible if it makes sence?? Cheers J
  5. Helloween

    Micra K11 PANHARD ROD (standard)

    As titled, am looking for an original Panhard Rod for my 1995 (M) reg micra to modify! Please post or PM me with a price including postage to London, or can pick up in London if near me. Cheers J
  6. Helloween

    Wheel Spacers for K11 -----------------

    Hi all, can anyone tell me fitting 10mm spacers make any difference at the rear, i.e. stick out alot? i have 14" wheel and want them to stick out abit!! pic below how my car currently looks... Cheers J
  7. Helloween

    Powersteering Rack for K11 1995 ----------------

    As stated am looking to turn my manual steering into a power steering for little comfort, if anyone has any please let us know with price.. Cheers J
  8. Helloween

    Timing Chains -----------

    Hi all, im planning to change my timing chain on my 1.3 engine, a friend of mine bought a kit couple months ago and a week later after purchasing the kit someone decided to drive into him so insurance wrote the car off, any way his car was a 1.0L engine, would his 1.0L timing chain kit fit/work...
  9. Helloween

    K11 1.3 Auto & Manual MAF ----------------

    Hi guys, id like to know does the Micra K11 Auto 1.3 and the Manual 1.3 shares the same MAF or are there any difference?? Cheers Guys!! J
  10. Helloween

    Which colour to paint wheels???????

    Hi guys just a quick thought, am looking to wanna paint my wheels a different colour, any ideas what colout you lot reckon would suit my car?? j
  11. Helloween

    K11 Panhard Rod ----------------------------

    Hi, am looking for a K11 1995 (M Reg) standard panhard rod with bolts as im looking to modify the bushes on it and want to retain my original panhard rod and leave as is.. Please post with price and possibly postage etc Cheers J
  12. Helloween

    Idle ------------

    Can anyone please tell me on the K11 rev counter where should the needle be idling on? like most cars would be just under the 1 on the rev counter which should be roughly 800-850 rpms? Seems like my car was running low and sounds abit rough until i sprayed carb cleaner to clean the maf...
  13. Helloween

    Wheel Spacers Advice ------------

    Hi guys, need some expert help here as this isnt my department on wheels, ok, i have 14" alloys as you can see in the pic below, what i wanna do is add spacers so that the wheels stick out abit so that it looks better, if anyone has done this or have pictures for an idea i would be greatful...
  14. Helloween

    Micra K11 1.0l Airflow Meter -----------------

    Hi guys, i would like to aska question, i have a spare airflow meter for my 1.3 engine 1995 (m reg), im looking to overhaul the throttlebody and fit new sensors e.t.c., when i search on ebay for the sensor it shows me a bolt on ie.e something like...
  15. Helloween

    Steering Rack Gaiters --------------

    Hi guys, am looking to fit a set of steering rack gaiters as there split and also track rod ends as i have 2 track control arms to fit so might aswell change all these at one go... ok - are universal steering rack gaiters any good? and also where do you guys recommend to get online? Cheers J
  16. Helloween

    Nissan Micra Car Insurance

    Hi guys, my damn car insurance are ready to eat my pockets for a renewal, can anyone recommend a cheap car insurance that you know or with etc, also as my car is an M reg 1995 (16 years old) wondered if it would go as classic insurance? cheers J
  17. Helloween

    Steering Rack Gaiters ---------

    Hi guys, im looking to buy a set of Steering Rack Gaiters for my 1995 K11 micra, do any of guys know of a place/site i could get buy them? ive tried SAF which are ment to be and is the cheapest for parts but they just didnt have any in stock and their supplier dont have them and i dont fancy...
  18. Helloween

    Micra spotted - rare -

    Ok, i was working in Portabello Road Market area (London) and spotted this car outside an antiques dealer... what a surprised... i sat in the car and started it.. a real rare chance to see one of these, however it belonged to a woman who gave it to an old man who owned the shop, dont know the...
  19. Helloween

    Exhaust Fumes ------

    Hi guys, dont know if anyone has experianced the smell of exhaust fumes inside the car? what could it be any ideas would be great!!! J
  20. Helloween

    Spark Plugs ---------

    Hi all, for a 1.3 K11, what spark plugs are recommended to be used? Cheers J