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  1. IrishK11

    Charging problems

    I realise this has been covered a few times but am experiencing charging problems, on my way home from work thursday evening i noticed a few electrical items acting odd. My rear wiper motor failed, stereo started turning on and off repeatedly, aorbag light came on and then the dial cluster...
  2. IrishK11

    Switch question

    So ive been wondering for a while now what is meant to go to the right of my headlight height adjuster switch? Right now its just got a blank. Been thinking about a kill switch would be cool if i could get a stock a/c switch to use if it fit? Stealth and all that...
  3. IrishK11

    Cg10 upgrades

    So i know this has been covered but just want to ask is there much noticeable power gain if i were to fit a ga15de throttle body and ga16de injectors to my cg10? I have already fitted a 1.4 almera airbox and 1.3 cams. Just looking for any little gains i can!
  4. IrishK11

    Exhaust Question!

    So basically the weather has been to rotten lately I havent had a chance to look, but what I want to know is does my 2002 coilpack have a second silencer/cat that is removable without chopping it out? Ideally I'd like to replace it with a straight through bolt in pipe if such a thing exists?
  5. IrishK11

    Led rear lights.

    Want rear led lights. Must be willing to post to Ireland. Cheers
  6. IrishK11

    Smoking brakes!

    So I was driving along today and thought i smelt burning..... Then a few mins later smoke from what seemed like under the bonnet! Got out of the car and saw smoke pouring from my front left brakes! What would cause this? A Seized caliper?
  7. IrishK11

    Wanted - strut brace.

    Anybody selling one of these and willing to post to Ireland? Will all depend on price but wanting one of these for a while
  8. IrishK11

    Bumper repair advice

    Hey just looking for some advice on how to approach a DIY repair on a rather nasty scuff the previous owner put in Lara's rear bumper. Really let's the car down [emoji20]
  9. IrishK11

    Electrical Issue

    So I have a 2002 k11 and out of nowhere my speedo cluster and both electric windows stop working. I have replaced the 30a window fuse in the engine compartment but no joy. Anyone have any ideas? I'm useless with electrics [emoji20]
  10. IrishK11

    Can i reset Chain tensioner?

    Went to change my cams and the tensioner over tightened the chain. Can't figure out how to reset it. Is it possible? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  11. IrishK11

    WANTED!! CG13 Cams

    Does anyone have a pair of 1.3 cams that is willing to post to Ireland. Would be greatly appreciated!
  12. IrishK11

    LED rear lights

    Anybody have a pair of these in good shape and willing to post to Ireland? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  13. IrishK11

    Exhaust question

    Forgive me if this has been posted a million times, but I've got a 2002 k11 and every performance exhaust I've seen PLR, Ashley etc only seem to fit 92-00 k11s? Can anybody tell me what the difference is ? I have a cg10 coilpack... Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
  14. IrishK11

    Will these wheels fit?

    I spotted these today and have been trying to find out whether or not they will fit, I know they are 14 inch, 4x100 and 6j so thats all grand, anybody know the name/model of these wheels so I can try source the centre bore? I think theyd look well after a bit of a refurb...
  15. IrishK11

    Electric window problem

    So my passenger side window only wants to go up/down when my car is driving, ignition on it does nothing. Any ideas folks my electrical knowledge isn't great... Sent from my Crescent using Tapatalk 2
  16. IrishK11

    Are these k11 or k12 alloys?

    Looking at these alloys, the ad states they're k11 but ive never seen them before and think they're k12. Anybody share some light on this? If they're k12 is the pcd the same?
  17. IrishK11

    Wanted, Wrap Around Spoiler.

    Any one have one of these for sale and willing to post to Dubiln? Longshot I know but so hard to find here.
  18. IrishK11

    K11c front bumper advice

    So Ive got a 2002 K11c with that nasty front bumper with grey plastice inserts....and they've all faded. I was thinking of doing one of two things, spraying the inserts matt black and doing the bonnet grills & badge to match, or carbon wrapping the plastic inserts. What you folks think?
  19. IrishK11

    Fuel Tank Issue

    Hi guys, Ive just filled my k11 from just below the top of the red line to full and it only took 27odd I right in saying that the tank is 42L? My question is why cant I fit more fuel in or is the red zone really 15L worth of fuel?
  20. IrishK11

    My new K11!

    So I figured I might as well start a project blog for my little K11. I dont have huge plans for it as of yet but after spending a bit of time on here its made me want to do more and more! So this is how I found my "Lara" back in October! Her previous owner had passed away a few years back...