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  1. Raceworx

    old school member but carnt sell stuff?

    You must have at least a Buy & Sell membership to sell on the MSC
  2. Raceworx

    Ipod connection

    the other half has a 2009 K12 25th edition micra with the I-pod dock built in but which generation ipod nano fits? iv tried the newest one but no such luck :(
  3. Raceworx

    F/S big boys toys

    right i have alot of nice bits for sale please take the time to read if your serious in wanting them register your intrest.. Avanti cams ready built in a CG head all shimed up.. these were fitted to my old blue micra there not as wild as the piper ultimate cams but are used for rallying.. i...
  4. Raceworx

    nicest K11 ever

    i want this kit so so bad anyone have a clue where i can obtain it from?? i think its the aspect one anybody got a link?
  5. Raceworx

    stuff from yahoo japan

    im board at work so i had a surf on yahoo auctions japan for some cool bits heres my findings ill add through the day lol! 4wd march saloon!! i want one check out the dials!!:- how about some cool lemon stickers for the yellow micra owners out there!! how about this sweet...
  6. Raceworx

    fs janspeed and lowering springs

    right i have a nearly new janspeed manifold for sale aswell as some other bits and pieces prices are as follows there are ono janspeed manifold perfoect condition - £120 posted. Raceworx 3" stainless de-cat - £50 posted standard cat with internals knocked out of it - £20 posted AVO 35mm...
  7. Raceworx

    anybody ever seen one of these in the uk??

    i so so so want one of these skylines there one of my all time favourite cars :- pant wetting nice and check the tripple carbs...
  8. Raceworx

    space camp song!

    when i grow old and fat and all i do is sit on the computer comenting on animi and startreck i wana be as cool as this guy!! rock on man!!:devil:
  9. Raceworx

    wanted Ga16 fuel injectors

    as stated i want some 1.6 fuel injectors anyone have any lying about?? cheers Ian
  10. Raceworx

    exedy clutch

    just got the price for one of these from tokyo express ther ein stock and £150+vat.. MICRA K11 1300 (75hp) CG13DE[8/92] ...[1/02] psrt number NSK2066O.e part number NS570080U462 just thought others might be intrested...
  11. Raceworx

    wanted bumper

    i want a micra facelift front bumper any one got one lying around they want rid of?
  12. Raceworx

    gemmas sills!

    right we stripped gemmas micra down as it was un econimocal to repair! your dam right it is! iv never seen sills like this in my life and i also want to say there is no way this thing got an mot 3 months ago!! it wouldnt have got one a year ago!! maybe even 2! how somone can sell a car in...
  13. Raceworx

    FS 14" nissan alloys

    my old 14" nissan rims that came with the car.. there very good condition! and have bearly new tyres with alot of miles on them!! pics:- i want £150 for them collected or ersonable offers..
  14. Raceworx

    My other project

    i spent all last week madly re-decorating!! i was sick of my old 80's style childrens wallpaper and crap carpet so i got up on a saturday and said right time for a change!! anyway its gone from this :- to this :- theres a couple of small things left to do re-fot the rad thats...
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    when you go on peoples profile it always says this member isnt part of any group.. what are these groups can we make them what do they do and how can i get in one?? admin must know what that section of the fourm softwear does??
  16. Raceworx

    impul ECU

    hey man you ahd any experiance with the impul ECU's?? they work on facelifts?? doesnt seem a bad price..
  17. Raceworx

    do we have a futurama freek here? take alook at this the last picture is the one thats inmportant!! lol takes alot of time skill and dedication to make somthing like that!! looking at the guys site he has his car in a link :-
  18. Raceworx

    over 18s forum. - not happening.

    carnt we have an over 18 free thinkers fourm section created so things like this can be discussed? we are a comunity so sure we all like micras but we all have different veiws and whilst some might be abit crap others can be learnt from... i think a discusion like this is good alright people...
  19. Raceworx

    honda quior spoof LMFAO!! one bit rings true with me!!
  20. Raceworx

    radio 1 this morning

    did anyone else hear chris moils (spelling) offer there cleaner micheal a gold roller but he said no thanks i want a micra... :laugh: someone must have heard it because they read out a txt saying whats wrong with micras mine has 15" alloys lol one of the mods need to e-mail the show and offer...