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  1. wehey

    PollyMobiles Rebuild

    Any news on Kassandra? She has gone very quiet. Is she just so well behaved that there's nothing to report :)
  2. wehey

    Buying a Pao

    Oh, and round the windscreen edges. The rubber seals perish and water gets in there. It’s a windscreen out job and they are hard to get out without breaking. Replacements are hard to find, along with pretty much all other body parts
  3. wehey

    Buying a Pao

    Rust, rust and rust. 😀 I had ome for a while and even though it appeared fine at a glance, it was actually riddled with the stuff. Rear sills and front cross member are places to check
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  5. wehey

    Ideas for a decent dash cam system?

    It doesn't do motion detection like some of the more expensive ones do. It does have auto record if it detects a shock whilst the car is parked up. i.e. Someone hits your car whilst it's parked up. It's detachable too. It saves 3 or 5 minute files onto the SD in a loop and you can press a button...
  6. wehey

    Ideas for a decent dash cam system?

  7. wehey

    Ideas for a decent dash cam system?

    I have this one in my car and it's been great. I think I got it from Amazon and bought a 32gb SD cars and hard wire kit for about £80
  8. wehey

    More power from a 1.0

    There are 1000's of posts on here with sort of information information you want Use the search function 😀
  9. wehey

    Dattosan Machi Suzuki twincam 4wd project pg22

    I’m following 😀😀😀
  10. wehey

    I need my shed back :)

    The thread is 3 years old mate.
  11. wehey

    Corsa piston build with throttle bodies

    What failed on the engine Neil?
  12. wehey

    Sr20 swap, Almera gti, k10 micra build

    She's a beauty :)
  13. wehey

    Wider Tyres On Standard Steelies

    You won't notice it. Crack on
  14. wehey

    Do you change your oil every 3000 miles?

    I used to do every 6 months which was about 4K for me. My car was used a lot on motorways and sat at high revs for long periods
  15. wehey

    The story of Toothless Mike

    Any progress on this matey?
  16. wehey

    Should I buy a new car?

    I was in a similar position with the cleanest, rust free Micra I had ever seen. (It had been garaged all its life) In the end I bought a rust bucket of a amicfa with a good 1.3 engine and just swapped them over.
  17. wehey

    Corsa piston build with throttle bodies

    Love those wheels on the Micra
  18. wehey

    Bens K10. The Second Micra

    This is like waiting for the next season of Game Of Thrones
  19. wehey

    Corsa piston build with throttle bodies

    I have a 60K upper chain, lower chain and idler sprocket sitting around here if you need them for experimentation purposes :)
  20. wehey

    My latest cga3 project

    This is like porn :)