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  1. gtsnissanb

    N reg mx5

    My little project that never got started :-( Included in the sale are some rear lowering springs Bought it a while back with the intention to do it up but one thing led to another and it's just sat there and I can't afford to do it As you can see the rear arches need work was like that when I...
  2. gtsnissanb

    Very rare K10 front strut brace

    Well now the k10 has gone time to sell all my bits This was very hard to come by and I've yet to see another It's a proper K10 strut brace not a cheap eBay adjustable thing, this is made just for the car and was imported from japan I'm going to start the price at £80 delivered
  3. gtsnissanb

    Celica import 2 litre

    M reg celica 2000cc Good runner Full OE plastic body kit Mot till August No tax Import racing hart alloys Very good condition inside and out needs to go as I have too many cars :( £850 Ono Located in northwich
  4. gtsnissanb

    K reg k10 super black breaking or whole

    The time has come to sell up I really can't justify it any more, do buy it all or buy bits it is a K10 super half ass project that I havent been able to finish due to personal reasons All parts are available ideally full car Also have full foah body kit for sale separately A dismantled ma12...
  5. gtsnissanb

    Gamer tags PSN PS3

    Dunno if this thread already has been done I'm sure someone else can sort an xb360 thread but this is ps3 tags Nismomartin
  6. gtsnissanb

    Happy New Year

    Happy New Year everyone :)
  7. gtsnissanb

    Bike engines

    After seeing the k11 with the bike engine in the boot (that my dad maybe buying) I've wondered how hard could it be? Anyone have any actual experience of doing this?
  8. gtsnissanb

    Fitness thread

    Don't think we've got one of these, I thought I would be good and helpful to share advice and your methods for losing fat, gaining muscle What your starting at where you set targets etc I've just started trying to get into shape I'm 25 turning 26 in a couple of weeks and it's dawned on me my...
  9. gtsnissanb

    I've bought yet another car

    All I can say is damn you eBay!!! In all fairness though very cheap for a celica gt, racing hart alloys, full Toyota body kit not cheap fibre glass crap real plastic, not a spot of rust perfect body work Lucky I live on a farm! May as well be a car farm! I've now got 6 cars lol
  10. gtsnissanb

    Dyno day

    After having a conversation with Steve at dyno demon about a possible dyno day he emailed me this information Good morning, Thanks for the interest in a dyno day, for 15 or more cars we'll do (Micra's other makes will be at the higher price) for £30/car, less than that number it'll be £35/car...
  11. gtsnissanb

    Head gaskets

    Are the ma10 and ma12 gaskets the same??
  12. gtsnissanb

    Super turbo body kit

    As title any bits you have please
  13. gtsnissanb

    Impreza sport £250

    As title Impreza 2 litre sport none turbo S reg My on going project needs to go It has a blown bottom end I started taking the engine out then got bored and forgot about it The paint work is a chameleon flip paint thing and in poor condition you can buy rattles cans to redo the bits that have...
  14. gtsnissanb

    My black super

    Right all I've been trying my best to not do this but my living condition is drastically changing and I can't have 4 cars and a big van, and the Micra is the least valuable to me so has to go :( I had big plans for her but they will need be on hold for a while, it's not fair to leave it rusting...
  15. gtsnissanb

    Amy winehouse dead

    As title, pretty much a foregone conclusion! Surprised she managed to last as long as she did RIP no one deserves to die
  16. gtsnissanb

    1:24 FUJIMI Tommy Kaira M13 MARCH

    Just seen this little air fix kit on eBay looks cool
  17. gtsnissanb

    Martin and Daniels off topic chats

    :D Thought I'd make this as we seem to go off on a tangent somewhat often!
  18. gtsnissanb

    Northwest Members Post Here

    Right all firstly Hello from the NW reps myself and imp124 In the coming months i want to get some things organised having never been a rep before youll have to bear with me Im hoping to get dyno days, track days, local meets organised But to do this I need you!!(Y) So After me lets have...
  19. gtsnissanb

    T3 Turbo

    Right as I've decided to stop being ghey and go a better way than fannying around with a MA12 I won't be needing this T3 The condition of it is how I received it basically unknown, there seems to be no damage to the housings or blades and a small amount of side to side play no in and out £60...
  20. gtsnissanb

    Wanted March Super turbo

    As title my dads been after one so I thought I'd ask see if any has one for sale :)