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  1. Simonh

    few things for sale!!!

    fli active sub 12 inch - ££offers tinted prefacelift lights without bulb holders - ££offers 15 inch almera gti alloys with 4 legal tyres 195/45/15 so low profile - ££offers induction kit from ebay which a few people on here have got- £20 would prefer pick up on these items pm me if your...
  2. Simonh

    what age do you start paying for nhs dental treatment?

    does anyone know. i have had braces for 2 years and just had them off and i need a filling. i need to go back to my dentist to see what he can do. does anyone know the age at what you start paying for dental treatment. im not sure if it 18 or higher? thanks all
  3. Simonh

    happy birthday jowley

    have a great day mate
  4. Simonh

    facelift bonnet

    white or black. anyone got one lying around
  5. Simonh

    exhaust rubbing/knocking

    this happens when i pull off from lights or at roundabouts. just like rubbing and i dont understand why its just started doing it. its not lowered or anything. i cant see anything either. not really sure what to look for. anyone got any ideas what to check or do about it. well does anyone have...
  6. Simonh

    facelift black bonnet.

    im not going to find one. so ill just spray one. should i buy one from the scrappy or just spray mine?
  7. Simonh

    jdm stickers?

    anyone know where to get these besides ebay. like the ones on the rear of hooded reapers car. ive taken a liking to them
  8. Simonh

    cg13 inside sticker?

    can anyone get these done? if so how much?
  9. Simonh

    tyre pressure?

    for 15 inch alloys with 195/45/15 tyres what tyre pressure should i have...mine are too low but i dont know what to put them to
  10. Simonh

    knocking in boot?

    sounds like a rubbing. happenes when i pull off sometimes and when i shake the car about with the handbrake on. any ideas?
  11. Simonh

    my steelies project :)

    so thought id mod my old steelies this is how it turned out so far :) needs some tyre paint on and redoing a few times but im getting there
  12. Simonh

    pre facelift boothandle?

    has anyone got one lying around anywhere? would be a big help if i could take it off your hands?
  13. Simonh

    steel wheels???

    maybe your not a fan but i think they are amazing. if anyone has seen the 106 rallye thats why i like them i think they look ace with the standard white steels. but the micra steels arent that nice :/ do any other steel wheels fit that are any better preferably 14 inch?
  14. Simonh

    Mot :(

    i thought it was soon. i checked the old papers this morning. 18th june 2009 ...i was like :O rang the garage and its just gone in :) so happy about that. exhaust is blowing but im not sure if it will fail on anything :( lets see what happens
  15. Simonh

    RAF here i come :)

    yeh applied a while back. passed my Airmens Selection Test today :) its all going well woooo
  16. Simonh

    worried about my fuel consumption

    i know low fuel consumption is common in micras but im starting to worry about mine. my fuel light was on this morning. recently come on so i put £8 in. took me to just over the first line. ive driven 16-20 miles today and it is now just over the start of the red. thats liek a whole bar in 20...
  17. Simonh

    interior / seats

    i want to spruce up the interior. more comfortable seats and better looking. i dont really want bucket seats. do any other nissan seats directly fit? or any seats from another car thanks simonh
  18. Simonh

    universal induction kit help.

    got a nice present from the postman. but i cant fit it. i dont even know how to get my air box off. can anyone help?
  19. Simonh

    pics from simonh's and imp124's minimeet

    yeh i went to pick up a laguna splitter today and steve (imp124) came with me and i took some pics at mine of the cars and i thought i wiuld share them with you. notice i have now fitted my new alloys :D
  20. Simonh

    wheel questions?

    so yeh i fitted my almera gti alloys today and they look amazing :D first thing on the way back from my mates after fitting them my steering felt completely different and i hear scraping on the back wheels. the tyres are 195/45.15 so there is loads of clearance. bear in mind i had the 4 steels...