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  1. -Naqshbandi-

    Door card media

    Hello everyone, been a long while since I posted on the forum. I am looking for the interior door card plastics for a 5dr facelift with the cupholders. Am in requirement of all the bits front and back apart from the window winders. Odd request I know. Hoping to get a hold of these fairly...
  2. -Naqshbandi-

    Green si speedo

    as above, will need postage too, cheers in advance
  3. -Naqshbandi-

    rocker cover screws

    what size bolts would fit to replace the rocker cover screws, as mine are de-threaded
  4. -Naqshbandi-

    EML confusion

    Been having a few issues with the micra as of late, the eml light turned on, took it to the garage, they checked the codes for me - it came up as the o2 sensor.... a change of both lambdas later and the lights still on...even after being cleared, so im looking for a codereader for my car, but...
  5. -Naqshbandi-

    speaker problem

    Went to fit some fli speakers today, passenger side is working fine, drivers sides not working, tried the original, and that's not working either :s any ideas anyone? I cut off the original connector to splice the wires into the speaker, my wiring is sound and I know the speakers work....
  6. -Naqshbandi-

    Almera airbox

    As above, price inc postage please
  7. -Naqshbandi-

    Service oil

    I'm getting the bits and pieces for my service, and need to know what oil I should be running. I went to Halfords, they told me 5w30, went to Castrol - They said 5w40. Looked around the forum - ppls are running 10w30. What do these numbers mean and which one should I run?? I'm leaning toward the...
  8. -Naqshbandi-

    Almera airbox air filter??

    Jusy got my hands on an almera ga16 airbox, what size filter does it take? does anyone have the part number?? thanks in advance :)
  9. -Naqshbandi-

    Wanted spoilers and other stuff

    Wanted either a wrap around spoiler, or the top lip slim standard gx one, rover 400 skirts, rear splitter, and an OMP front strut brace....... any prices quoted to me should be postage inclusive if you would please....and have pics ready and availiable ....cheers in advance:)