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  1. karlj

    Pre facelift cg10 flywheel

    Has anyone got a spare cg10 flywheel, must be for 160 clutch
  2. karlj


    Can one of the admins do me the honour of unlocking Charlie's blog and renaming it please
  3. karlj

    K10 tombstone seats

    Long shot but..... Anyone got k10 tombstone seats they don't want?
  4. karlj

    85 Honda CB125T

    After the death of a family friend, I was asked if I wanted his motorbike. Naturally I said yes, however this bike has been sat in a garage for 10+ years so it's in dire need of restoration. At first inspection it needs a couple of things due to rust and age but I have all the time in the...
  5. karlj


    Question for the rally/race guys, which brand wishbones are best for longevity?
  6. karlj

    K10 roll cage options

    Thinking of getting a half cage for the 10, anyone know if any other cars are a close match? I was thinking something like a 205 or nova
  7. karlj

    Non nats to nats

    Never really thought about it till now... but what's needed to convert a non nats k11 to have nats?
  8. karlj

    K10 no.2

    Bought this little gem off Doug yesterday :)
  9. karlj

    Dizzy CG

    Does anyone have a dizzy cg for sale? Not worried if it comes with ancillarys or not Must not smoke or drink fluids Cheap as
  10. karlj

    Oil sump k11

    Anyone local to Gloucester got a spare cg oil sump in good condition?
  11. karlj

    Not been on for awhile

    Hey everyone :) Not been on for awhile due to having a lot on but I'm back with yet another new car... Gave my dad his astra back, scrapped the civic to get a del sol (which I've now sold), got given a 02 Ford fusion which met its end this morning meaning I had to buy another car so I can get...
  12. karlj

    Thrust bearing

    Has anyone got a spare thrust bearing laying around?
  13. karlj

    K10 wanted

    Anyone got or know of a k10 for sale with t&t sub £500
  14. karlj

    Oil sump gasket

    Where can I get them from or they reusable?
  15. karlj

    K11 things

    cga3 Coil pack injection setup T2/25 turbo manifold cg13 flywheel March boot (no glass) Stainless steel braided t2/25 oil lines Open to offers based on first to pay gets Will be scrapped in two weeks but willing to keep hold of if paid in full
  16. karlj

    Umm hello again :)

    so I've not been a for sometime and it seems everything has changed, whats going on with the bland new look?
  17. karlj

    X rev 3dr 1.0

    Not mine Red 1.0 3dr No mot but I think it was taxed 101k miles This is being sold as an mot failure for obvious reasons, I had a quick look over and would be good for someone who knows what they are doing. The exhaust looks brand new it just requires a lot off welding. The owner is...
  18. karlj

    15" vauxhall wheels

    Set of 4 Vauxhall Astra sxi wheels 15"x6" 4x100 Et38 (iirc) These wheels were professionally painted prior to being put into storage, they don't come with tyres and the centre bore will need opening up Looking for £110 collected
  19. karlj

    Cga3 and other bits

    selling up complete cga3 £100 Cg13 head with cams £40 Cg13 flywheel £10 180mm clutch kit (minus release bearing) £15 Cg t2 turbo manifold £30 Cg oil sump £10 T2 braided oil feed/return £20 Postage is not included and offers are not welcome
  20. karlj

    K11 suspension

    Has anyone got any stock suspension laying around, or know of anyone breaking a k11?