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  1. euro_micra

    Wanted: Micra K11 engine, 1.0 or 1.3

    Hello, I'm looking for a CG10 or a CG13. With or without cylinder head or ancilleries: I'll be fitting my own. Will take mileage into consideration, but ideally it must be cheap and already removed from the engine bay. I'm located in North Nottinghamshire but I can travel, or pay courier...
  2. euro_micra

    Matt's Daily Puma

    So with the turboed Micra becoming a little crude and drinking n smoking oil, flooding when cold etc. I've decided to retire it from commuting the 55miles to work and back through city traffic and motorways. It will now have the interior completely stripped and the engine rebuilt for top-end bhp...
  3. euro_micra

    Brake Upgrades, what are my options?

    It's about time I replaced my brakes and I'm currently looking into fitting upgraded ones to help with fade, I'm also now running wider tyres so better brakes overall would be good. I've searched the forum and net, and I've got some info out of it but it's all still quite vague. I have 13"...
  4. euro_micra

    Intercooler setups

    What intercooler setup are you using? Aftermarket or stock? Size or make and model? Where you might find one? What's the charge pipe diametre, materials? What route it take and what modifications where needed to fit it? etc. The reason behind the question is that I've tried a couple out...
  5. euro_micra

    wanted: 165/65/13 tyres

    I'm looking at buying a couple of pairs of tyres, I've been looking online in various places but thought I'd post this up here too. Must have a decent amount of tread left 5mm+ and be a matcing pair. Looking for 165/65/13 in both budget and sport, for different occasions, but I will consider...
  6. euro_micra

    Seat belt issues

    The problem's that the drivers seatbelt retracting force is too strong and I'm constantly having to pull it out to give me some breathing room. It can also lock and doesn't extend even while gentley pulling it. The other seat belts are fine. I've had this problem a while now, and the locking...
  7. euro_micra

    Coilpack CG10 & CGA3 heads

    What are the differences(if any) between the 1.0 and 1.4 coilpack engine heads? I know the 00-03 CGA3 has a slightly different valve-train setup than the 92-99 CG13 & CG10, but what about the 00-03 CG10? The reason I ask is because I'm looking to create a under-bucket shim set-up for some...
  8. euro_micra

    toyota starlet rwd on bike carbs

    blog :wow: I liked it enough I had to share it. Nice balance between style and substance.
  9. euro_micra

    Looking for: seats & other bits and bobs

    Looking to buy super s or sr seats. Or any other similar seats that would fit. Open to any condition, just drivers etc.? And I just thought I'd ask on here first instead of messing about with scrappys for: Working heater resistor card, mines now beyond repair/given up repairing it. Gear...
  10. euro_micra

    My turbo kit build thread

    Hey, thought I'd keep a bit of an updateable thread to show the progress of my turbo build project before it gets fitted. First off, I'm hoping to create a reasonably sensible and simple turbo set-up, to which will be put on to my facelift cg10. Possibly cg13 to-be. I'm new to turbos so I'll...
  11. euro_micra

    wanted: 2nd facelift cowel/speedo surround

    As title says, I'm looking for the 2nd facelift (2000-2002 iirc) speedo surround. Would prefer to pick up but will pay for postage. Thanks, Matt.
  12. euro_micra

    wanted: wheels

    Any 13" or 14" wheels considered with a 5.5j to a 7.5j width. Would prefer them with tyres and ready to fit. But still open to just rims, rims that need refurb'ing etc. Ideal wheels would be 13x6 with 155/60 tyres or 13x7 with 165/55 tyres, but like I said I'll consider anything. Looking to...
  13. euro_micra

    [SOLD] Mini Ultralite wheels & tyres 13x7

    Hey guys, thought I'd post up a for sale thread for these wheels, I've had a bit of interest in them recently, as well as every month since I got them! But I've not exactly been intended to sell them until now, I'm still in no rush to sell them, but I am more inclined to accept offers. I am...
  14. euro_micra

    car won't start, need help

    Hey, I need some help:down: I re-installed my 1.3 exhaust cam to replace the 1.0 one. But somehow it now doesn't start. It spluttered and turned over a bit before cutting out a couple of seconds later. I figured it must have been one tooth out, and looking at it again, it might have been, so I...
  15. euro_micra

    K11 rear mudflaps

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of rear mudflaps from an sr or similar, the ones that are shorter, as opposed to the larger ones with 'micra' printed on them. Cheap as possible of course, can also swap with my larger ones too.
  16. euro_micra

    0-60mph timing

    Hey. How are people timing their 0-60 runs in a K11, I would really like to see what mine is with some accuracy, to set as a reference point for future progress. I've tried a stopwatch, but is there a way of getting it more accurate from the ecu/diagnostics? or should I just video the...
  17. euro_micra

    cams, flywheel and manifold

    I'm looking at improving the power in my 1.0, I've already got 1.3 cams a ga16 airbox with k&n filter and I've removed the rev limiter which is a nice little combination for unlocking some power in the 1 litres, but I need some more. I'd like to do a 1.3 conversion but most mechanically...
  18. euro_micra

    K11 door trim

    Hello. I'm looking for both driver and passenger side door handles for k11s, both top and bottom pieces of the handle. Must be the ones with electric windows, include the switches, and be in a decent condition. And if possible, but not quite nesseccery as aftermarket ones readily available, the...
  19. euro_micra

    oh dear, car trouble

    Ok this turned into a bit of a rant, sorry guys. Got in the car earlier in the week, started as usual but a mile down the road it stalled at a junction, turned it back on n 5 seconds later it would refuse to accelerate and kangerood/jumped to a stop. Turned back on and revs would drop and...
  20. euro_micra

    Shell Fuelsave

    Has anyone tried Shells new Fuelsave petrol? I gave it a go the other day, was running low and it was either that at 112.9p or some other down the road at 115.9p. I put in roughly 35 litres, and travelled the same 60ish mile route to and from work to the hostpital and back that I've done...