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    Poor acceleration at low engine speeds

    Could the clutch be slipping if there's oil leaking out the seal? It could be they way it's written, but almost all cars have poor acceleration if you only lifhtly press the accelerator, and will go faster if you press it more.
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    adjusting headlight height/vertical

    Just the bulb? I thought you meant the whole headlight. In that case it's either the wrong bulb or seating.
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    adjusting headlight height/vertical

    Even if it wasn't seated right, the level should still move up and down. Did the replacement come with the adjuster motors fitted? Do you hear the motor move if you change the height control in the car?
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    adjusting headlight height/vertical

    Could the adjuster be broken?
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    Cv joint differences explain

    ABS rings are typically on the CV joint for many cars
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    ⚠️ Central locking gone ⚠️

    Have you checked the fuses?
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    Cant de mist my windscreen...

    We understood. There is a wire cable that runs from the control down to the air box for the heater (think of bike brake cables). On the side of the air box are levers that move the air flaps inside, and you'll probably find that cable has come off at one end, or moved in some way.
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    Hi from scotland

    Ayrshire is in the south!!
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    Cant de mist my windscreen...

    Probably a cable has come off the flap in the airbox
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    K12 radio fascia removal with no access to top screws.

    ok, it looked like you wanted to harness for the connect1 to the nissan. Halfords or ebay will have any other make.
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    K12 radio fascia removal with no access to top screws.

    Should be plug and play, it's nissan to nissan
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    E10 in a K12

    6% of the mileage, where did tht figure come from?
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    K11 or K12?

    Either will be down to condition at these ages, the youngest K12 will be 10 years old, and they is old for a modern car. Will all be down to how well it's been looked after and cared for.
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    Is a better air filter worth it?

    In theory it will give more power, but in reality it'll be probably less than 0.1hp. It's a common misconception that changing one thing will improve the power, more power comes from more air and fuel going in. But the air flow needs to be thought of with the entire system, from air filter...
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    Does K12 hood fit to inside of vehicle?

    Do you speak english or american here? ;) "Gasoline" is a botched brand name to avoid copyright.
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    1.2 exhaust front pipe to middle section gasket

    Thanks, yes mine is flanged, and will be that ring type.
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    1.2 exhaust front pipe to middle section gasket

    I got the rear box and mid sections of the exhaust replaced a few weeks ago. It's started leaking at the joint to the front pipe. It used to be a great little business, but they have sold it on and those there now are just cowboys, I'm not going back no matter what. I was going to have a look...
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    Advise on 2014 Micra Automatic purchase

    It does seem a lot of money for a 7 year old micra. We paid £1400 for a 9 year old 1.2 K12 3 years ago. it had 70k miles on it, other than usual service items and wear and tear, it's been a cheap little car to run.
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    Advise on 2014 Micra Automatic purchase

    This one: ??