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    K12 buying guide

    Thanks for you input. :) I'm sick of the sight of Parkers, I've been looking for a car for so long now. :laugh: Another quick question - are the engines still chain driven like on the K11?
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    K12 buying guide

    Hey guys, Long time no speak! I don't know if any of you remember me, I used to have a K11, and then went on to buy a Yaris Tsport. Anyway, I'm looking to come back to the Micra fold (baby on the way, so need something with 5 doors) and quite fancy a K12. Really just looking for some buying...
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    Exeter meet-comign soon!

    Jason, just be aware of all the trouble Exeter services have had recently. Have you seen the threads on UJCC?
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    Japfest-my Review!

    I'm stupidly sunburnt today, after Japfest. Shame about the NSX that flipped, and the Scoob and Rx7 that caught on fire. The 2 fires both happened right opposite our stand and the marshalls took ages to get there and put the fires out.
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    Stolen Toyota Celica GT4 - Portsmouth

    Sorry, should've updated the this thread. Think the chap in question is suitably embarassed!!! :laugh:
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    Stolen Toyota Celica GT4 - Portsmouth

    Cross posted from UJCC........ Black GT4 reg M959 CTR stolen from Southsea/Portsmouth on Sunday. More details and contact information for the owner here.
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    Exmouth is modified car central in this part of Devon. It's heaving in the summer. Did you have a cruise up and down the seafront? Great for posing, lol.
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    classy, or cheesy?

    I had blue ones in my old K11. They were already done when I bought the car, but they looked ace! Not sure if red ones would be a bit hard to see though. O.o
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    whats your MPG's ?

    I get 40-45mpg out of the Yaris, slightly better if I fill up with V power.
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    Southwest meet-suggestions!

    Are you guys going to go to Japfest?
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    'Lights left on' alarm?

    My N reg one had one.
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    106gti or glanza turbo??

    IMO go for the Glanza. Not sterotyping, but I'm sure the vast majority of 106 gti's have probably been thrashed to within an inch of their life, whereas you could get a fairly standard Glanza direct from Japan that's been very well looked after. I also think that they will probably hold their...
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    spoof paypal email

    Thank you!
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    spoof paypal email

    Well, I've got v2.0.0.1, so guess I've just not been to any dodgy sites for it to pop up yet.
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    **** Please Please Help Us. :D

    I have registered. :)
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    spoof paypal email

    So, Ed, yours isn't an add on then? What version of Firefox are you running?
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    spoof paypal email

    I had the very same one. You can forward any email from Paypal you think might be dodgy to [email protected] and they get back to you within a couple of hours. If you get concerned, you could always log into your Paypal account to check it, although obviously in a window you've opened...
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    Tonights Top Gear!

    Brilliant episode, but what an eye opener at how narrow minded some Americans can be!
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    stuff from yahoo japan

    I lost 1/2 an afternoon looking on there at all the stuff available for the Yaris. :devil:
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    K11 - loss of power

    Seriously? How?