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  1. J

    ***Passenger window rubber seal****

    No daft prices please! And hit me up! need one like soon.
  2. J

    usiing fuel ALOT

    i put 9 liters in yesterday, ive done 10 miles and its used half of that already..!? its had new leads and spark plugs, oil is new recently.. any ideas as its a joke.
  3. J

    Cheap decat for underneath the car K11 2000 micra.

    let me know! ive relised ive missed 2 chances already, hah. fwn cheers.
  4. J

    K11 centre sections

    Any sites that sell them? ideally a fully pipe without the cat as, well the centre section joins are too rusty to undo from the cat on mine. so id rather replace it all with a full pipe. :down:
  5. J

    how much..

    how much was a Basic year 2000 nissan micra k11 facelift 1.0 would of been new? thanks!
  6. J

    Tb mesh?

    Any point in removing this or not? Cheers kind sirs.
  7. J

    Locking nuts

    I need some locking nuts since i got my wheels, just getting around to getting some and want to double check these will be spot on for meh K11. And i will need closed nuts going by the FAQ. Cheers! (Y)
  8. J

    Site that sell standard micra parts?

    eurocarparts aint that great tbh. Cheers. (Y)
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    Whos going to Bolton Abbey?

    I am with another forum. Just wondering. Might be the only Micra there! :D (Y) :p
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    Sportex - are a joke

    just over 2 weeks to deliver a backbox and i havent even got it. been told many times il get it this week and last week. I wouldnt recommend them, poor customer service and delivery. :down:
  11. J

    Little knocking when pulling off and upto 30?

    As title, what is it? :(
  12. J

    How much...

    How much do you guise think it will cost to put my tires off my steelies onto my alloys? Quick fit, *fail quoted me £50. :down: Surely not? also i dont want the poxy weights on the front as theyre getting refurbed soon. Can i have them put on the back of the alloy? Cheers gang.
  13. J

    Been offered Micra Super S alloys for £40. is it worth it?

    As per title. If it is than il snap them up asap.. Cheers guise.
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    What other car forums are you on?

    Me? im on Ideal for info etc. (Y) Good, nice bunch on people on there. A fella that is on here is on there too (Y) And Saxp when i used to own a a Saxo. (Y) What forums are you on? if its a repost i...
  15. J

    2nd cat..

    Is it ok to remove this and pass fine with the Mani cat only? Thanks. Discuss
  16. J


    Whats peoples thoughts on this? i dont have a ebay account and dont want to pay ott prices for a 1.0 engined car. This seems to tick the box. Appolgoies if this...
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    Micra K11 So far..

    Micra K11 **MOT on Friday 10am** Nissan Micra K11 Face-lift. 2000 X reg 1.0 16v CG10 I ended up buying this as my Saxo has some rust issues and i needed a car quick so i bought a Micra. I wasnt even ever going to buy one but it came up silly cheap and just had to have it! £600 61k miles So...
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    Hi all, i logged in a few months back but since than my laptop broke and couldnt get back on. Anyway ive owned a Micra for 2 years now. :laugh: :p Its like a 1.3SI Rep if you like minus the interior/engine/alloys as the hard hard for me to get hold of. :(