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  1. wehey

    Cyclinder Head with 1mm skim......freeeeeee

    Would anyone be interested in my cylinder head with a 1mm skim. Have been trying to sell it on FB but no takers. I need the space and don't want to just take it to the tip. Produced 240psi compression when fitted It has a slight scratch on one surface Come and get it....sorry no postage. Located...
  2. wehey

    Cordless Impact Wrench

    i have many jobbies coming up to do on the cars soon and would quite like to invest in an impact wrench. I have had a look around and they vary in price hugely. I don't want to spend the earth in one but don't want a crap one. Does anyone have any experience and can recommend a goodun? Ideally...
  3. wehey

    1.3 is not running right

    I have had my 1.3 engine fitted for nearly a year now but I have always felt that it's not running as well as it should. It just lacks the fizz that I expected and feels flat. I have 2 other cars, both which have a quoted 75hp and as the Micra is lighter I would expect better performance. On...
  4. wehey

    Full Sportex Exhaust

    I brought this just 5 months ago and have done less than 1000 miles with it fitted. In pretty much brand new condition. I have just given it a light spray with high temp paint but it could do with another before the buyer fits it. (I ran out of paint) Looking for £140 ono and collection from...
  5. wehey

    I need my shed back :)

    I have a tons of stuff just sitting around and I really need the space for a new project. Let me know what you want. I can post most items. Gearbox from a 1998 1.3 ( mechanical speedo type)
  6. wehey

    Considering a 1.5dci

    i am being seduced away from my K11 and towards diesel by low tax and high mpg. The cars I am interested in are the VW Lupo 1.4 tdi and the Micra 1.5dci as they can both be mapped to around the 100hp mark. I have a few questions: What are the Micra's like to drive? Do they suffer with rust like...
  7. wehey

    Idle Control Valve

    Is anyone able to explain how the idle control valve works? I have recently replaced the head gasket and went to adjust the dizzy timing. I tried to drop the idle revs down to 650 with the air/idle screw in the back of the throttle body but no matter how far i turned it the revs wouldn't drop...
  8. wehey


    I had a bit of nightmare today. Driving home and noticed that the temp gauge was just below red. I immediately pulled over and stopped. The expansion bottle was nearly full and steaming but no visible water dripping from the rad or hoses. Popped the rad cap off and there was no visible water. I...
  9. wehey

    Is my Lambda faulty

    after a fail on the MOT emissions and doing a lot of reading I plugged in my diagnostics lead and took a video of the Lambda Voltage. At idle it swings between 0.2 and 0.6V but when when I raise the revs to 2.5k it swings from 0.2 to 0.9V. I'm sure I have seen somewhere on here that this is not...
  10. wehey

    Help with MOT emissions fail

    i have just got back for the Mot and the only fail I had was emissions. A little history since the last MoT?.... Swapped out the 1.0L for a low miler 1.3L (40k auto block) I still have the 1st cat but recently fitted a Sported exhaust which deletes the 2nd cat. I have a spare lambda, original...
  11. wehey

    Mig welding tips and advice pls

    hiya all I have just attempted my first bit of welding and would appreciate a bit of advice. There is a ton of welding to do on the Pao so I decided to make a start in the wheel well before trying exterior bodywork, as its hidden and won't matter as much as it not often seen. I brought some...
  12. wehey

    Pao Windscreen

    I thought I should post my findings here for info purposes as my small scrap of paper with all the details on it will no doubt be hoovered up in a few days and be lost forever :) I have been doing some research into a replacement Pao windscreen as I have to remove mine soon for some welding and...
  13. wehey

    1.3 into a Pao

    Sorry if this is in the wrong section but it's sort of Pao, K10 and K11 related. I will be taking ownership of a 1.0L auto Pao in the next week. I have in my shed a complete 1997 1.3 engine with gearbox, shafts, injector loom, ECU loom and ECU. The plan is to transplant it into the Pao. From...
  14. wehey

    A few bits and pieces for sale

    I have some bits for sale from a 1997 1.3 K11. It will be heading for the scrapers once stripped and I will add items as and when I can release them from the cars rusty grip. Some bits will be too big to post so collection from BN15 Exhaust pipe middle section. In good con diction, too good to...
  15. wehey

    Weird happenings when cold

    Since fitting a 1.3 into my K11 I have noticed it runs a bit weird when cold. There seems to be a really bad flat spot at certain revs (don't have a Rev counter fitted) which is most noticeable at 40mph in 4th. I put my foot down and absolutely no acceleration. It's fine once I have a few miles...
  16. wehey

    Cockpit water leak

    I was just sitting in the car during my lunch and noticed a drip of water coming from under the dash and dripping onto the area of the arrow below. Any idea on where it could be coming from before I start ripping the dash apart?
  17. wehey

    Exhaust downpipe flange/bracket

    Does anyone have an old downpipe sitting in their shed the needs a good home I only really need the flange/bracket end as shown here?
  18. wehey


    i have just received a new thermostat. It's a genuine Nissan part with the correct part number. When I opened it I noticed it's rated at 88 degrees where's Nissan spec it at 82 degrees. Should I fit it or send it back?
  19. wehey

    Janspeed cat back

    im looking at the Humphries site for the Janspeed Cat-back exhaust. I'm wanting a complete system that connects to the existing 1st cat through to the back box (without the 2nd cat.) None of the items below seem to include the downpipe? Am I missing something?
  20. wehey

    Exhaust options

    I'm wondering about my best exhaust options. The 1,3 engine has a 1mm head skim, larger airbox, modded throttle body and a custom exhaust mani. I want to keep the 1st cat to keep it legal etc. Is it worth spending money on a posh cat back exhaust or should I just decat the 2nd cat on the...